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You may have noticed “Give away code” under the Options menu in Golden Tee. Supposedly, a couple years back, Top Flite ran some promotions where they sent mailers to select individuals with these special give away codes. The codes would earn you special articles of clothing such as pants or hats with the Top Flite logo on them. The promotion was only short lived, though, and no codes have been given out since that time. I suspect that the option still remains in the game just in case Golden Tee wants to start up some kind of promotion again in the future. If you know someone who still has one of these codes, it’d be fun to see what kind of special clothing articles you can get, but from what I hear, it was nothing as exciting as the other items you earn simply from playing!

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  1. Ever hear of any codes yet? Mike

  2. hear of any codes yet?

  3. From what I’ve heard is that it was the bar code on the box of TopFlight golf balls. From what everyone on the forms board is saying is that they don’t work anymore.

    Also the Give Away Code box is going to be selectable on the 09 machines, I asked IT if there were going to be some more codes this time and they simply replied, “mabey”. With an icon rolling its eyes and a smilie face.

    I sure hope that they do because I have tried every barcode from topfight I can get my hands on, this is roughley (spelling)around 3000 codes. Well, we see what happens.

  4. Think you already have acquired all the new clothes in Golden Tee 2009? Not so fast my friend, there are still a handful of surprises to be had. And the best is yet to come!

    Incredible Technologies is playing Santa – secret Santa no less – and the only way to access these much-coveted clothing items not winnable through extensive play and amazing shots is by putting in a give away code.

    “Tis the season for giving, and IT recognizes that their dedicated players deserve more than a lump of coal in ’08. How about a Santa suit and Christmas tree hat for your virtual golfing pleasure?

    The holiday promo code is now live and available in Golden Tee 2009. Just hit the “OPTIONS” button at any point during your game and highlight and select “GIVE AWAY CODE.” From there simply type in 0333333333 (a zero and nine 3’s) and you will receive one of four holiday clothing items! The give away code may be entered up to four times for the complete holiday wardrobe.

    It’s the perfect way to gear up for this holiday season and years to come. No eagles, birdies, or extra rounds required. Once you put in the code, the clothing and headwear is yours for good.

    Consider it a fun early Christmas present from Incredible Technologies, who wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season, whether they’ve been naughty or nice!

  5. If anyone has a code for a St. Patrick’s outfit, that would be pretty cool. If there is one for valetines day, and christmas, there has to be one out there for st patricks day.

  6. try 06babebabe for valentines outfit up to three times gets all

  7. I’m pretty sure St. Patrick’s Day will have one — should be announced soon!

  8. I sure everyone knows already, but don’t see it here yet: code for St. Pat’s stuff is 07FEED0317. Max three times for full gear.

  9. Do these codes work on the 2008 version,or does anyone know of any?

  10. Hey got a new code if anyone didn’t get it… 04Booooooo

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