I’m just a guy from Chicago, IL who got hooked on the game just before the 2008 courses came out. Being a sponge, I went online trying to soak up as much info as I could find on the game, but I wasn’t really finding what I was looking for. How are guys shooting -30 on these courses? How is that possible? Well, since I couldn’t find a good, concise source of information, I decided to create one of my own.

The site began with my documenting every thought that entered my head as I was contemplating my shot, and it grew to include breakdowns of every hole on most courses along with a Player Locator so you can find where guys are playing all across the globe! The accuracy and helpfulness of the tips also grew as I got the support of experts in the Golden Tee community.

I also added a handicapped league where you can compete against anyone from around the globe to win prize money!

The goal of the site is to help guys like me and you find the tips and tricks they’re looking for, so that they can go out and smoke their friends at the bar! You won’t become an expert from this material, but there’s enough here to help just about everyone improve. I’ve gone from being scared of playing for prizes to ranking in the top 10 every other time I play, and I hope to keep getting better myself!

Feel free to leave a specific comment under any article, a general comment in the Chat box, or contact me through email if you’ve got and tips or info to add, and thanks for visiting!

NOTE – use of the Player Locator or participation in the GTF League implies your consent to be contacted through email (or phone, if provided) for purposes of relationship building within the Golden Tee community.  Contact me anytime to have your personal information updated or removed!