Bad situations to use roll

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Golden Tee tips tricks hints shortcuts golf game 2007 2008 2009 live arcade backspin roll topspinFollowing are some tips on bad situations to use roll in Golden Tee:

When you’re driving up or down hill – you’ll want carry on each of these shots, so avoid topspin, which decreases the trajectory.

When hitting towards an elevated landing area – roll significantly decreases trajectory in Golden Tee, and although you may have enough distance, you might not get the ball high enough in the air.

When hitting with the wind – on drives, it might not end up adding any distance, and on approach shots, you might not hold the green.

When hitting towards a hazard – it’s much better to use backspin to stop the ball at the desired landing area than to try to roll the ball up close to danger.

When hitting an approach into a green with a downward slope – you don’t want to roll the ball off the back of the green, do you?

When hitting into a green with a front pin – you’ll either be short in the rough or long towards the back of the green.

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