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Golden Tee tips tricks hints shortcuts golf game 2007 2008 2009 live arcade backspin roll topspinFollowing are some tips on good situations to use backspin in Golden Tee:

When the pin is at the front or middle of the green – this means there should be plenty of green behind the pin, so you can land the ball safely towards the middle/back of the green and roll it back towards the pin.

When the green slopes down from the direction of your approach – this means that without backspin, the approach shot might roll all the way off the back of the green. You’ll be surprised how much backspin you can still get back up the hill on a fairly steep downhill slope in Golden Tee.

When you’re hitting with the wind at your back – the wind will carry the ball forward with some velocity, and without backspin, the ball can roll quite a ways after it lands. Use backspin to help combat the wind in this manner.

When you’re hitting a low-lofted club (especially long woods) – normally, these shots are bouncing into the green with low-loft, so backspin acts as a great tool to get your ball to stop on the green.

When you’re trying to get as close as you can to a hazard without going in – backspin can help ensure your ball doesn’t keep rolling down that fairway slope towards danger, or it can ensure your ball stops before it gets too close to that water.

When you’re trying to land on an island – it’s hard to land and stay on an island in Golden Tee if you don’t use backspin. Try to land the ball towards the back of the island and use backspin to keep the ball there.

When you’re playing a big, long hook into a green – backspin can help to stop the ball on or by the green, since the big, hooking shots create a lot of roll on the ball!

For added loft – backspin tends to give the shot a bit more trajectory in Golden Tee, so it might help you clear that tree or obstacle in your way!

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  1. FRO HOU added this comment on backspin and roll:

    Knowing when to hit a shot with no spin, backspin, or roll can save new players a ton of strokes. You might take it for granted, but I’m constantly amazed at the shots newbies take with no spin on them.

    Also, before you try to master the cut shots, learn how to play the wind and slope of the green with just angle shots and judicious use of spin.

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