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Bonnie Moor Breakdown — Golden Tee 2009

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This section breaks down how to play each hole at Golden Tee’s Bonnie Moor, in Gullane, Scotland.  Check back soon to see how this course and specific holes rates difficulty-wise among all the 2009 courses!

Check back here and learn even more tips and tricks, and how to play from each of the tee boxes on the course!

Clubs and balls to use on Bonnie Moor

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So what’s the best set of clubs to use when playing Golden Tee 2009’s Bonnie Moor?  Well, I got feedback from 25 pros on their choices, and here’s what I found!

The most votes went to the old hybrids that were offered in 2005 Golden Tee.  This set has always been a favorite among pros and amateurs, and they play well on this course.  If you don’t have this set, the hybrid set sold in 2009 Golden Tee is also a great option!

Coming in second is the Big Bertha set, which features a 310 driver and lofty woods that many players feel come in handy on several holes.

A handful of other players choose different clubs just because they are more comfortable playing the same set each round, but your best bet is one of the two sets above!  Oh, and the D2 balls are the most popular choice, followed closely by the Gamers, and then the Freaks!

Early reviews for Golden Tee 2009’s Bonnie Moor

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Here’s what the players are saying early on about Golden Tee’s new 2009 course Bonnie Moor!

AMJ — GT Par is -30.

Jeff S — Front has a lot of scoring opportunities. A lot of eagle opportunities on the front, watch out for the tall grass!!! Placement with a 3W or 4W is key sometimes just to get another 4W over the grass and hills. Stay OUT of the tall grass. Beautiful layout.  Bonnie Moor is the course to score on!

Make sure you have a lob wedge for this course!

AMJ — Warning! This will be the whore course when scoring average contest come around. Par is -30. Todd L dropped a -27 is his first game….. and lost to a -28. New woods round 1 and Low Loft round 2. More elevation change than I expected. Lots of fun reachable par 4s. A couple Par 5s that can be brutal with the wrong setup. Nice course.

Bonnie Moor — Hole #1: Par 4

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We open up with a long par 4, but it’s straight and flat with a huge green — you should have no problem putting your approach shot close for birdie.


Bonnie Moor — Hole #2: Par 4

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This par 4 is drivable more times than not, but you can also be pinned up against the wall on the right, or you can be on the far back left of the tee box.  If you’re in one of these spots, you most likely cannot drive the green, so leave yourself a nice approach shot.  There’s no sense in trying the impossible and ending up in the tall grass!

If you’re in the middle of the tee box somewhere, you can drive the green with an A1 — backspin, roll, or nothing depends on the pin placement and the wind!  You can either carry the gully of tall grass, or you can skip over it by bouncing right in front of it — both ways give you a chance to hold the green!

As an alternative, if you’re in the middle of the tee box, you can also play a C3 driver over the wall and curve it into the green, without having to worry about clearing the tall grass ditch! Figure out which approach will be best given your position, wind, and pin placement.

One word of warning — there’s a spot in the patchy tall grass in the front/right part before the green that can give you an unplayable lie!  If your drive is too far to the right down in that grass, you may lose a stroke and be hitting 3 off the tee!  Talk about being on tilt — avoid this area at all costs!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #3: Par 3

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This par 3 is a bit tricky because it’s a long way downhill!  And you know by now that the wind is going to affect your shot at least twice as much on the way down.  You almost certainly do not want backspin here unless it’s a front pin with wind at your back, because otherwise your ball might be sucked all the way off the green.

I prefer to play a low-lofted club here if possible, because the wind will affect it a lot less, allowing you to be more accurate.  Most of the time I use no roll and try to carry the ball up to wherever the pin is located, where it will land and stick.  Roll can be appropriate at times too.  Remember that short is in the water!

This 9-wood has more than 7 seconds of hangtime!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #4: Par 5

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The tee shot here is all about distance control, and you’ll almost always be using a 3-wood.  Aim for the little gap between the right-most bunkers — you’ll want to stick your tee shot just over the tall grass and just short of the bunker.  The key is to carry the tall grass but use backspin to stick the ball before it carries all the way to one of those bunkers.

If you’re too short, you’ll be in the tall grass, and that’s trouble — you’ll have to guess the distance out of here and try to stick a spot somewhere between sand traps.  If you’re short but in the rough just past the tall grass, that’s okay — you can still get there in two!  If you hit it too far, chances are good that the sloping fairway will carry the ball into a bunker, and you’ll have to pick a spot and chip out.

The tee shot is the key — if you can land safely in the fairway or in the rough just short of it, you’ll have a pretty easy approach shot for an eagle putt!  Hit the tee shot just slightly harder than you think you need to, since it has to carry a bit uphill.

Again, if you have to lay up somewhere between bunkers, be very careful, because the fairway is always sloping down towards these traps!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #5: Par 5

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Depending on the wind and tee box, you’ll be doing one of three things off the tee.  Most often, I like to rotate to the right 2 or 3 times and play a big C3 with roll out to the second fairway.  This way, you’re taking advantage of the slope and direction of the fairway.  A second option is to rotate right once and play an A1 instead.  Make sure you have enough to carry up to the second fairway if you try this.

Finally, if it’s too difficult to carry the second fairway, you can lay up to the little round landing area straight ahead, not too close to the tall grass!  From here, you’ll still be able to reach the green in two.

Be sure to CARRY the green on your approach shot if you can, because there’s elevated rough in front of the green that can stop or redirect your shot if you’re landing short and trying to run it up!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #6: Par 4

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This par 4 is not tough to drive the green if you get the distance right.  You’ll have an offset look at the green, and it’s a long way downhill again, so you’ll have to pull back at the correct angle (if necessary to pull back) to put you on the green close to the pin.  Remember that the wind will affect the ball more on the way down.  It’s just a matter of selecting the correct club and shot type here — try to land the fat part of the green, putting the pin between the ball and the fringe, and roll/spin the ball towards the pin if needed!  Always err towards the middle of the green because of the hazards all around.


Bonnie Moor — Hole #7: Par 3

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This par 3 can sometimes set up really tough if the pin is in the front.  Why?  Because both tall grass and bunkers guard the front of the green, so it’ll be really difficult to get the ball close to the front of the green!  Use as much loft as you can here, and err on the long side, because it’s really easy to end up short in the tall grass!

If the pin is in the middle or back, it’s much easier — club up a tad because of the uphill shot, but you should be able to put it close with this setup!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #8: Par 5

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Here’s another hole where the tee shot is crucial, and it can be really easy to really tough depending on your tee box placement.  You have to get the ball at least to the middle of the neck of the fairway to have a shot at the green in two, and being in the fairway is the most important thing.  Sometimes you can just carry down past the neck and be fine, but other times you’ll be on the back left of the box where you have to shape a C3 right through the neck — this shot is tough because there’s no room for error.  If you catch the tall grass, you’ll have to lay up and hope for birdie.

The approach shot is downhill but not too scary — just make sure you give yourself a putt to work with.  It’s guarded on 4 corners by pot bunkers, so stay away from those!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #9: Par 4

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This par 4 is usually really tough to eagle.  If you’re tucked off to the right and close to the hill, don’t worry about trying to drive the green — you’ll just end up in the water.  Lay out in the fairway and take your shot at eagle.

From anywhere else, you’ll have somewhere from a pretty straight shot to an A1.  If you have to play the A1-type shot, it’s very tough to hold the green — you have to barely carry the lake to the left side of the green and hope that backspin doesn’t continue to pull your ball back and to the right, right off the green.  If you miss anywhere, you’ll catch a bunker or be off the green, so it’s pretty common to be chipping for eagle here.  Long is safe on the beach, as long as you’re not TOO long in the ocean!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #10: Par 4

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In rare cases, this green can be driven with a huge C3 drive from the front-right of the box…check out this incredible ace!

Otherwise, just pick a fat part in the fairway and tee off with backspin to hold this spot.  Don’t go too far or the tall grass will inhibit your approach.  The key is just to have a safe tee shot, because the approach is not too tough from anywhere — just don’t flirt too much with the edges of the green because it slopes off and can leave you in another pot bunker!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #11: Par 4

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This par 4 will set you up anywhere along a very wide tee box and have you shoot into 1 of 2 different greens.  The difficulty depends on how much you have to hook around the hill on the way to the green.  If you’re in the middle of the tee box, you’ll have to play quite a bit of hook to get around the hill and back to the green.  Or, if you’re on the far right for example, you could have a straight shot into that green.

One green forces you to hit directly over the water, and one is in between sand traps with less water trouble.  Both force you to be accurate, because a miss is either wet or sand most of the time.  Be careful if you decide to use backspin — it can help you from carrying off the green, but it can also suck your ball off the green if you happen to land in the middle instead of the edge!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #12: Par 5

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This hole has a big-time shortcut you should be using every time.  Rotate left of the green and aim directly at the big hill on the left — you’re going to want to put your drive at the top of this hill either with a 3-wood or driver with roll.  Approaching the green from here gives you a couple big advantages; first, you’ll be shooting downhill, which makes it easier to fly over sand and tall grass, and secondly, you won’t have to shoot directly over a pot bunker.  Here’s a hole-out from there.

If you take the fairway out to the right, it’s almost impossible to hit the green in two, because you have to both shoot uphill and carry a pot bunker while holding the green.  You have to use a driver to get the distance, but it doesn’t have the loft you need.  If you approach from the top of the hill to the left, you can often float a 5-wood nicely onto the green for an eagle putt!

Rumor has it that a couple pros have even driven this hole with the front-right tee box, a great wind, and a huge C3 shot!

Bonnie Moor — Hole #13: Par 3

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The green on this par 3 has the most severe slope ever seen in Golden Tee — usually 12 degrees and sometimes even 13!  Tee boxes are spread all around this green, so you’ll see lots of looks into this crazy hard green.  My advice is to let the slope do the work for you and don’t worry about putting roll on the ball.  For example, if you’re on the tee box that shows the green sloping to the right 12 degrees, just land the ball on the left of the green and let the slope carry it towards the pin!  It’s hard to successfully play enough slope, so exaggerate it a bit, as if playing more wind on a downhill shot.

Getting close to the pin is crucial here.  Longer putts are devastating and sometimes impossible.  Remember to play more break on uphill putts and less on downhill putts, and be gentle with downhill putts so they don’t roll over!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #14: Par 4

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Multiple tee boxes give you many different looks, but they’ll all be from a similar distance — anywhere from a driver to a 5-wood.  If you can avoid using a driver, you’ll want the extra loft here, since you have to carry water and an elevated cliff into this green.

Notice where the pin is located, and then locate the fattest part of the green that will give you a clear putt for eagle.  You’ll usually be shooting directly at this green, so make sure you execute a clean 180-degree shot aimed at this fat part of the green.  Use backspin to hold it and you’ve got your eagle putt!

Be careful putting on this green, because it’s tough as well!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #15: Par 4

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You can have a couple different tee boxes here, and you should think about your tee shot before just punching it out there.  Because the approach shot here is so tough (you have to shoot uphill and over tall grass into this green), you’re going to want as much loft as you can use.  In many cases, that means leaving a 5-wood from around 250 yards into the green, so figure out where you should place your drive to leave you 250 into the green.

If you have the tee box where you’re lined up with the green, you have another option to take the tall grass out of play.  You’ll notice that the grass guards the front-right part of the green, so if you can get your tee shot far enough left, you can take the tall grass out of play!  This may even mean driving up into the rough all the way through the fairway, because that will be an easier shot into the green than having to worry about more carry.

If you have the other tee box where the green is on the right, then you probably can’t drive it far enough to take the tall grass out of play, so lay back for the 5-wood especially if there’s a front pin!  If the pin is in back, you’ll probably be fine carrying a less-lofted club up (down to a 4-iron) into the green.

With a front pin, always err long!  It’s very easy to come up short and then be chipping out of tall grass, where it’s much harder to predict distance!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #16: Par 5

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This is a fun par 5 that will almost always challenge your ability to maximize distance!  About half the time you’ll be able to carry down to the second fairway with a huge A1 or C3 off the tee, and then you’ll have a great shot at eagle after your approach.

If you can’t carry that far, you have a couple options.  First, you can try to carry as far down into the rough left of the fairway as you can, where there’s no bunker trouble.  If you’re lucky, you may be able to carry a big B2 straight shot down into the green.  Another option is to carry as far as you can down the first fairway without rolling into one of the pot bunkers at the end.  This will give you a chance of hitting the green in two with a big A1 shot from here!

This approach shot can be tough.  The green slopes down quite a bit and has big drop-offs and trouble surrounding it.  You’ll definitely have to earn your eagle here!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #17: Par 3

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Here’s a really tough par 3 that can easily put a damper in your round.  You’ll have looks from both sides into this green such that it might slope right 10 degrees or left 10 degrees, and you’ll often have to maneuver a small hook against the slope to give you a birdie putt.  Water and tall grass protect the green, and they can really be a hassle if the pin is tucked up against some tall grass that you have to clear!  Make sure to compensate enough for the wind, which can appear to affect the ball more than it should here — this is really a tough birdie to get!

Here’s a short one from the right side.  You can also use the hill and grass to deaden the ball and let it roll onto the green, like this!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #18: Par 4

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Bonnie Moor finishes with a really fun and creative par 4 that’s always drivable but sometimes really tough!  The ideal setup is one where you can float a 5-wood or 3-wood straight towards the green, over the final concrete wall, and backspin to hold the green.  You don’t always have the privilege of this shot though.

Often times you’ll have to take the alternate route around the final wall, hooking some type of A1 shot with backspin around the wall into the green.  There are some strategically-placed bunkers that can grab this shot on its way though!  Be sure to try this shot if you don’t think you can clear the wall straight over, because if you get stuck in the backyard, it’s OB and you have to tee off again!

There are some lucky breaks you can get though if you end up short.  First, the umbrella can offer a friendly bounce over the wall!  Also, if you catch the concrete in front of the final wall, you can bounce over and onto the green this way!  You won’t “plan” to do this, but it’s a break that can come your way occasionally!

If you play it safe, you should at worst have an eagle chip that you can get close enough to tap in for birdie!  I have had a down 6 degrees putt roll over, so be gentle again on downhill putts here!