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Monument Valley — Golden Tee 2010

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This post contains tips, tricks, and information related to the 2010 Golden Tee course Monument Valley, in Navajo, Holbrook, Arizona, which seems to be the 3rd easiest/hardest of the 5 courses in Golden Tee 2010.  The recommended equipment for this course is the X-22s with the distance balls, although others prefer the old birds or any other normal-lofted club set (such as the 2010 Callaway FtiQ Set), while some like the low-lofters for extra distance.  Many players also use the D2 Feels or other balls that have a lot of curve on them, as you’ll be shaping a lot of shots here.  Read below for hole-by-hole breakdowns as I partner up with the Golden Tee community to give you the edge you need to beat your friends!

GT Par Breakdown for Monument Valley

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The following grid breaks down the best and worst you should be able to shoot on Monument Valley relative to the possible setups you could get on each hole:

Hole Par GT Par Total
Min Max Min Max
1 4 2 3 -2 -1
2 4 2 3 -4 -2
3 3 2 2 -5 -3
4 4 2 2 -7 -5
5 5 3 3 -9 -7
6 3 2 2 -10 -8
7 4 2 2 -12 -10
8 5 3 3 -14 -12
9 4 2 2 -16 -14
10 4 2 3 -18 -15
11 4 2 2 -20 -17
12 3 2 2 -21 -18
13 5 3 3 -23 -20
14 4 2 2 -25 -22
15 4 2 3 -27 -23
16 4 2 2 -29 -25
17 3 2 2 -30 -26
18 5 3 3 -32 -28

Monument Valley — Hole #1: Par 4

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Some pros are driving this hole with the right equipment and wind!


Monument Valley — Hole #2: Par 4

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Some pros are driving this hole under certain conditions — I had never considered going for it!  So take a look next time before you tee off, because there’s really no harm in giving it a shot.


Monument Valley — Hole #3: Par 3

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Monument Valley — Hole #4: Par 4

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From most tee box positions, you can carry either a 3-wood or a 5-wood over the top right at this green.  From the front left tee box, you should be able to take a 5-wood over the top, or maybe a 3-wood with a slight curve — here’s a hole-out from that box.

From the back right tees, you can take a driver over the edge, like this, or a 3-wood right over the top — here’s an example.

If you’re towards the back of the middle box, a 3-wood will still clear the mountains straight at the green — here’s an example.  If you’re towards the front of the middle box, you can usually carry a strong 5-wood over the top, like this.  Be careful if you try to curve a shot around the hills instead of going over.  If you go around to the right, the ball can get stuck in the dirt on top of one of the hills over there, stopping it in its tracks.  If you go around to the left, there’s dirt on top of another hill that will stop the ball right there.  Here’s a driver with some crazy good hops!

Finally, here is one of the most amazing dunks you will ever see.

Monument Valley — Hole #5: Par 5

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This is a tough eagle, especially being a par 5 on the front 9!  You’ll want to get your tee shot out far and left towards the end of the fairway, but that’s not so easy to do.  The best way is to play a C3 shot so that you’re heading to your landing area from the proper angle.  Blasting a straight B2 doesn’t always work, because being short or long puts you in the gully, and you may not be able to get it as far left as you like.  Practice the C3 shot off the tee here to see how much angle you need to apply in each unique situation.  Even roll, backspin, or nothing will vary depending on your tee box and the wind.  It’s okay to be a bit aggressive, because if you don’t get far enough left, it will be much harder to cut a shot into the green.

From there, you’ll be cutting an A1-type driver shot through the rocky gate towards the green.  Other shots will have to be smoothly shaped through the gap.  For best results, picture the shot in your head.  First apply the cut that’s needed on your backswing, and then determine how much towards A you need to shoot to safely clear the gap.  Remember that full A1s add distance to your shot, so use your thumbs to control that.  Finally, picture whether or not you need backspin to hold the green from that angle.  This is a tough shot, so keep practicing!  Check out this ridiculous dunk.

I bet you never considered going through this gap on the top of the gate!

Another more difficult option is to lay up to the right and come around the right side of the mountain.  You’ll have another hill to deal with by the right side of the green, but check out the awesome kick that this ball got! Here’s a clean, sick look from there, giving you something to consider if the tee box and wind make the normal route tough!

There’s also a tee box out left (only available in casual play) that allows you to carry into the second fairway for an unimpeded approach shot into the green in 2 — here’s a hole-out from there.

Monument Valley — Hole #6: Par 3

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Monument Valley — Hole #7: Par 4

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On this hole, I’ve been lining up with the green, rotating twice to the right, and playing a C2 shot with backspin through the gap in the rock — here’s a great example!  If you can really get the ball going right-to-left (via the C2), you have a better chance of holding the green with backspin.  Here’s another driver with maximum right-to-left cut.  Rotating once right and playing a C3 can work too, but you might not be creating enough angle to hold the green.  However, if you use a 5-wood, you can actually cut OVER the corner of the wall, like this!  Here’s another great 5-wood cutting the corner over the wall.  And check out this gorgeous deflection!

If you think making the green is iffy, add roll to your shot.  The extra kick might put you on the green for a long putt.  If you do come up just short, consider being aggressive on the chip, because it’s a long, flat green where you can really roll at the cup!

If there’s a bad left-to-right wind, you may want to lay up in the fairway and just hole-out from there!

Monument Valley — Hole #8: Par 5

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The shortcut here is pretty obvious — you need to stick your drive on one of the grassy pods in the middle of the sandy area straight ahead.  Thus far, I haven’t found any reason to aim for any other spot than the 3rd pod from the back.  If you stick it there, you should have a fairly straight approach shot into the green for eagle!  Here’s an example hole-out from that spot.

If you’re not up for the accuracy test, you can also turn to the right a couple times and sling a C3 around the rock (given a cooperating teebox, of course).  It may not get to the fairway, but you can still reach the green from the junk!

If you get the front tee box, and especially if you have the red distance balls, there’s a much better tee shot you should consider.  Rotate right towards the fairway there.  You should be lined up with a rock wall that has a convenient hole in the middle of it.  If you have a straight line from your tee box to the hole in the rock wall to the fairway on the other side, you can hammer a straight drive there and have a very short approach shot, leaving you with a tap-in eagle!

Finally, you can sometimes take the traditional route around the left side if you get a good tee and favorable wind by hitting a big A1 driver after a long drive.

Monument Valley — Hole #9: Par 4

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From the front box, you’ll want to cut a driver or a 2-iron underneath the rocky gate towards the green.  Use backspin, and you will often be skimming over the the hill in front of the green, but it won’t stop you from making the green.  Just try to control your distance, especially when using driver.  Here’s one that deflects perfectly towards the pin!  Another option is to go to the left of the gate if the pin is on the left side of the green — here’s evidence that a 5-wood can go under and around, still getting back to the pin!  If you’re any farther back in this tee box, though, don’t try the 5-wood — it won’t get under.

Here’s a driver underneath from the front of the back box.  Another note — those coyotes can be in the way if you’re skimming along the top of that rock, and you can get unlucky by hitting one and having your ball shoot off in another direction.  That sucks, but don’t go out of your way just to try to avoid them, because hitting one is rare.  This one actually went right through two of them and after a couple skips dunks in a back cup!

From the middle or back of the back box, you can pound a 5-wood right over the top — here’s an example! If you’re worried about clearing the top, you can still cut a driver through the gap.  Backspin or not depends on the wind and the pin placement.

Finally, there’s a tee box way out left (only available in casual play) that offers you a straight shot at the green — here’s a hole-out with a driver from there.

Monument Valley — Hole #10: Par 4

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Take a look at your tee box and wind, and figure out whether or not you can safely hit a C3 that will stay in the fairway.  If so, you’ll have a pretty easy approach shot, like this one! If not, then try to lay back for a 5-wood into this green, because you’ll want the extra loft to carry over the hill guarding the front — here’s an example.  Finally, if you have a left tee box, you can hit a driver straight towards the green, cutting the corner, which also leaves a nice approach shot.

This hole also features a tee box only available in casual play that offers an outside shot at driving the green, although it’d still be over 400 yards.

As a final note, some pros are occasionally driving this hole!  It seems that if you have the left box and a nice wind, and especially with the red distance balls, you can hammer a B2 shot that will carry onto the rock hill in front of the green and then drop down onto it.

This one’s just for fun!

Monument Valley — Hole #11: Par 4

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A big risk/reward hole, this one challenges your accuracy but rewards you with an eagle putt if you thread the gap!  You’ll actually have to take a bit off your drive because it plays slightly downhill, and your ball may fly farther than you’d expect.

The worst thing that can happen is ending up behind the wall, because then you’re challenged just to get par.  If you have any doubts, lay up out left for birdie.

From the second box from the left, hit a 5-wood with backspin through the gap if you can hit it far enough — here’s an example that took a nice hop right through!

From the second box from the right, hit a 3-wood with backspin through the gap.  Here’s an example that took advantage of a nice deflection!  Here’s one that’s dead-perfect — well done.

Amazing camera work on this 5-wood cut through the gap to a tough pin!

Here’s a perfect 5-wood from the far-right box.

Monument Valley — Hole #12: Par 3

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There are a lot of ways to attack this hole depending on the wind and pin placement.  A lower-lofted club works best, and you can even use the hill in front to your advantage, because the ball rolls pretty generously forward onto the green if you land on the back end of this hill.  Try to give yourself a putt, because chips from the junk around this green can be challenging.


Monument Valley — Hole #13: Par 5

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Now here is a fun tee shot!  Take a close look at the log seemingly lying across the fairway.  You’ll notice there’s room underneath, and this is important because you’re going to be rolling your tee shot right under there!  Pick a low-lofted club that has the distance marker right on the log.  Now just hit a firm shot forward, and watch the ball trickle under the log, rolling down and sitting on the grass in front with a clear view of the green!  Even if you hit your tee shot a bit too hard, the ball can still deflect off the log and down where it needs to be.  Sometimes you’ll get unlucky with the bounce and it will nail the log and stop — when this happens, just pull out your putter and putt under the log to the lower tier.

I don’t suggest using roll on the tee shot, because that ball gets moving down the slope and can roll off the fairway into the gulley.  Sometimes, though, roll will be required if you’ve got the X-22s and want to play the 5-iron.  Practice makes perfect with this tee shot!

Another option is to go over the top, especially if you have a 7-wood.  This works best with a headwind, where the wind and backspin guarantee that you’ll stick the landing.

Here’s a holeout from that spot!

Monument Valley — Hole #14: Par 4

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You’ll want to play this shot almost identically to how you played #7.  You’ll need a low-lofted club and a bunch of curve — anywhere from a C2 to a C3-type shot.  From the back box, here’s an example of rotating right twice and hitting a C2 3-wood with backspin that got a nice kick into the hole!  Here’s another awesome shot from the back box.  And here’s yet another fantastic bounce!  Check this one out — it ends up turning completely backwards!  And here’s one more with a great kick that didn’t require quite as much curve.

From the front box, you can cut a low-lofted iron around and under the gate in front of the green.  If you don’t have low-lofted clubs, I recommend playing a half-strength driver instead.  It will have the hook to give you a chance at the green where something like a 7-wood won’t be possible.

Here is an incredible bounce off the top of the gate with a 5-wood!

Sometimes you won’t be able to get it to the green because of a bad box or a strong wind to the right.  In these cases, lay up in the fairway and hole-out for eagle anyway, like this!

Monument Valley — Hole #15: Par 4

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First, take a look at your teebox and wind, because you might consider driving this hole!  If you have the standard driver, and especially the red D2 balls that add distance with a straight 180 off the tee, you can pound a drive right at the green with either roll or backspin depending on the setup (usually backspin and a nice hop up off the rough is required), and it can get there — here’s an example!  And here’s another nice example!   Also, you can hit an A1 off the tee around the rock on the left to carry the upper-tier fairway, eliminating the need for the more difficult uphill approach shot — here’s a hole-out from there.  If you’re good with your straight 180s, you should have a close chip from the sand at worst for your approach shot.

If you lay up in the bottom fairway, which will be the case most of the time, take note to club up once for your approach shot because of the elevation — the distance marker doesn’t accurately reflect what club you’ll need on the approach.  I also suggest not laying back too much, because you’ll want a high-lofted club for the approach!


Monument Valley — Hole #16: Par 4

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From the front box, you may just have a small curve around the mountain into the green.  Here’s a perfect hole-out with a 5-wood. And here’s another one that needed more hook because of the left pin.

From the back boxes, you see a tee shot similar to #7 and #14.  This one is much more difficult because the wall extends farther down the fairway, and the penalty for a miss is usually water!  Sometimes it will just seem impossible to hit the green off the tee, so there may be situations where you just want to lay up.

Another idea that will take some experimentation is the bank shot off the wall of the canyon that envelops this green.  It’s risky, but the reward could be an eagle putt!  Here’s a perfect bank-shot driver from the middle-right box!  And here’s another amazing cut-shot backspin driver that skips off the water into the hole!  Finally, this bank shot works perfectly with the pin placement.

Here’s a perfect 3-wood from the back-left box — look how close it comes to skimming the wall!

Finally, if the wind is blowing towards the green, you can get a nice little skip off the wall, like this amazing shot!

Get creative and you might think up bank shots off the back wall to bounce back towards front pins.

Here’s a crazy one for fun, but it’d be more fun if the player changed the camera angle!  And this one is even better — amazing!  How about another double-banker — crazy.  Oh what fortuitous bounces.  And just WOW on this one.

I can’t believe this 4-banker — one of the best yet!

Another one for fun from the fairway — ha!

Monument Valley — Hole #17: Par 3

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You’ll see many looks into this tough green, and the tee shot could be a problem if there’s a gap in your club set where you could really use that extra wedge.  You might be dealing with another 3/4-strength wedge shot with lots of wind into a tough green, so feel fortunate if you can stick the green here for a birdie putt!

Always look at where the sand is vs. the water, and err towards the side of the sand.  If you hit sand, you can still get up and down for par, but if you hit water, it’s bogey time or worse!

Now check out this wild bounce!

Monument Valley — Hole #18: Par 5

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Monument Valley finishes with a par 5 that features a very intimidating shot into a canyon that has a little green in the middle, sloping backwards into the abyss!

The tee shot is nothing, but your approach will be a nightmare.  With a cross-wind, you can manage the distance and hit a club with no spin that should hold the green.  With a tailwind, you’ll want to land the front of the green and let the wind take the ball up the green, where it should settle.  If you’re long, though, it’s off the canyon and backwards off the green for a penalty.

A headwind here makes the shot near impossible.  You’ll need to find a way to leave yourself something like a 2-iron into the green, but I don’t think that a 2-iron would make it into a headwind from the end of the fairway.  If you lay up on your second shot, here is a 2-iron into the green — much easier to control.  Also check out this incredible driver skip — must have had a tail-wind and hit a 3/4 shot to keep it low, amazing!

Occasionally you’ll get a setup where you can drive the lower level, which enables you to hit a much easier shot, like this!

One last option, especially with a tailwind, is to go long on purpose, landing on top of the mountain behind the hole.  It slopes down towards the green, and as long as you don’t land too far back on there, your ball will trickle backwards onto the green!  Some examples are below.

One last note — there is a front-left tee box (only available in casual play) that may allow you to carry your tee shot down to the second fairway, creating a much easier approach shot in 2!