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Laurel Park — Golden Tee 2011

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Here is a description of this new course for Golden Tee 2011: “Set in the Bois de Boulogne near the Eiffel Tower, no one has ever played golf in Paris like this! Players who attempt to shave strokes by navigating the many shortcuts of this challenging layout will encounter water hazards and intricately cut sand traps. A Golden Tee player’s dream course!”

Here is the official preview of the Paris, France course.

This post contains tips, tricks, and information related to the 2011 Golden Tee course Laurel Park!  Check out the hole-by-hole breakdowns and example hole-outs as I partner up with the Golden Tee community to give you the edge you need to beat your friends!

For most players, you should be using the Hawks and Hurtles on this course.  Some players may prefer to use the Flares instead if you are comfortable with the lofted woods.

GT Par Breakdown for Laurel Park

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The following grid breaks down the best and worst you should be able to shoot on Laurel Park relative to the possible setups you could get on each hole:

Hole Par GT Par Total
Min Max Min Max
1 4 3 3 -1 -1
2 4 2 3 -3 -2
3 3 2 2 -4 -3
4 5 3 3 -6 -5
5 4 2 2 -8 -7
6 4 2 3 -10 -8
7 5 3 3 -12 -10
8 3 2 2 -13 -11
9 4 2 2 -15 -13
10 5 3 3 -17 -15
11 4 2 3 -19 -16
12 3 2 2 -20 -17
13 4 2 2 -22 -19
14 5 3 3 -24 -21
15 4 2 2 -26 -23
16 4 2 2 -28 -25
17 3 2 2 -29 -26
18 5 2 3 -32 -28

Laurel Park — Hole #1: Par 4

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Laurel Park — Hole #2: Par 4

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Just lay back behind the sand on the left — no reason to kill a drive here.  Here’s an example hole-out.

There may be rare cases where you can drive this green — here’s a really long high-teed driver that almost went in!  Here’s another close one around the other side.  The Air-Os can also help give a chance to drive it here sometimes.

Laurel Park — Hole #3: Par 3

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Laurel Park — Hole #4: Par 5

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This is a challenging par 5 early in the round, and your results depend on your tee shot.  Always check to see if you’ve got a chance to hit an A1 over to the second fairway, because this sets up an easy look!

If that’s shut down for you, see if you think you can carry out to the grass by the sand straight ahead — you’ll still have plenty of distance to get there in two.  Just stay out of the water or the sand, which is the hard part!  Here’s a hole-out from the grass there.

Finally, the right edge of the first fairway is also good but requires a more skillful tee shot.  In some cases, this might be your best bet, since you will never be shut down from landing it here.

Remember to use as much loft as you can on the approach and don’t be short, because water surrounds that green!

Laurel Park — Hole #5: Par 4

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The standard approach is probably to rotate left once of the green and play an A1-type shot around the corner, with something like a 3-wood.

Another approach is to take aim at the flag and play a B1-type shot, like this.

Or you can rotate left an extra time and play more of an A2-type shot, like this!

Finally, if you’re on the right edge of the box, and especially with a wind blowing left, it’s not too bad going around the right side, like this! Here’s another awesome dunk around the right side!

Unfortunately, the boats are an unplayable lie.

Laurel Park — Hole #6: Par 4

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The Air-O balls may rarely provide you with a chance to drive this green.  Or, if you get a great setup in the front left, you can curve it around — this one got there! Great aim here — I wish the audio were a bit better!  However, be careful of throwing it out too far left — the invisileaves might get you.

If you’re towards the front middle of the box, a C3 drive can get there too!  The water is much more dangerous here, so ideally you have a left-to-right wind to help keep the ball on the green.  Don’t try this shot unless you’re comfortable, because you don’t want to blow your birdie!

Otherwise, just lay up at the elbow of the fairway, by the water — this always leaves you a manageable approach shot.

Laurel Park — Hole #7: Par 5

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Once again, lay out at the northern-most point of the fairway, as close to the water as you can safely get.  One thing to note on your approach is that a driver stays underneath the leaves of the tree that tries to get in your way, so you shouldn’t have to take it way out to 1 if you’ve got a line at the green.  Here’s a nice hole-out to a back pin.

You’ll also notice that low shots seem to skip very well out of that sand onto the green!  Here’s a hole-out climbing up the sand. Here’s another great hole-out skipping through the sand, and once again, watch this one land short and roll up and in! Here’s another fantastic bounce.

Laurel Park — Hole #8: Par 3

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Two greens here!  Here’s a hole-out to the water green, and here’s a great one-hop dunk!

Here’s a hole-out to the sand green.

Laurel Park — Hole #9: Par 4

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With a left tee box, you can go over or under the trees by teeing it high or low.  A high-teed 5-wood or 7-wood can get over the trees in some cases — and check out the hole this high-teed 3-wood found!

A driver can get under the trees if you need to — it becomes a matter of accuracy and distance control.  Here’s an incredible low-teed driver that skips into the hole! You can even play a cut shot under there — wow.  Here’s another amazing ace under the trees.

If you are towards the right side of the box, you can play a low-lofter around the corner.  A C3 2-iron/hybrid or 3-iron/hybrid can skate around the corner onto the green with backspin, and here’s a great driver cut around the corner.  Here’s another driver that skips the water! Here’s a 3-wood with a couple great hops.

Finally, check out this driver rammed right through — amazing!  And this is just so you appreciate the level of detail in this game — awesome.

Laurel Park — Hole #10: Par 5

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There are lots of options here — you can go straight over the gazebo (this high-teed driver set up a good approach shot) or straight under/through the gazebo (here’s a nice drive) to set up your approach, like this nice shot.  You can also find some grass to the left of the gazebo (here’s a nice hole-out from there).  Or, just go ahead and shoot through this gap!

You can also choose to lay up in the fairway to the left of the gazebo.  From here, there’s a nice gap that gives you a shot to the green.  This tee shot was too far left, but check out the amazing approach through the trees!

Watch out for the mime — he can block your drive sometimes!  Will he make a sound if you blast him?  Watch here to find out, and then watch here to see it happen again! Or, hole it out anyway!

Laurel Park — Hole #11: Par 4

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This hole is occasionally driveable.  A combo that’s been known to work is an A1 teed-high 3-wood around the corner — here’s an example ace!  Here’s another great 3W holeout.  And here’s a 406-yard 3-wood ace!

You may also get a good setup to take this hole head-on if you have a far left tee.  Here’s a high-teed driver going right at it.  The Air-Os can also make this shot easier.

You should be able to carry over the water most of the time for a short approach shot — here’s a fun hole-out from there.  If you have concerns, you can still go around the left side — here’s a hole-out from laying back left.

Laurel Park — Hole #12: Par 3

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Laurel Park — Hole #13: Par 4

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With a favorable tee box and pin, you can play a small curve around the trees here’s a hole-out dunk! If you’re positioned on the right, you can tuck a 3-wood around the corner like this great shot.

If you’re tucked away left, you might be able to tee it low and punch a low-lofter through the trees — no easy task!  If that doesn’t work, you still may be able to punch it on, or in, like this! If the wind is still blowing left, don’t necessarily rule out going around with a 3-wood — check out this incredible shot.

Here’s a high-teed 7-wood over the top, and here’s a great 9-wood lofted over the trees. Here’s another LONG 9-wood!

This one rattles around and almost goes in! This one gets some nice bounces and does go in!  Here’s another crazy rattler — what’s going on up there?  One more VERY fortunate deflection here to turn water into ace!

Laurel Park — Hole #14: Par 5

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In most cases, you can just play the ball down the fairway to the left, close to the water, and still have a wood into the green in two.  Be careful to use as much loft as you can, though, because a driver may not get high enough!  Some lower-lofted woods are fine, and here’s a driver that was hit hard to clear the lip.

In cases where the wind is blowing left, which would be in your face on an approach shot from the fairway, it’s time to consider the shortcut area.  A high tee should allow you to go over the trees and stick it.  Here’s a hole-out from there.

Laurel Park — Hole #15: Par 4

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The ideal situation is to get a left box with a wind blowing right, which is very conducive to driving this green.  Here’s a hole-out from the left side.  Here’s another great shot where only a small amount of cut was required!  Here’s a great deflection with a 5-wood.

You’ll often be relying on a skip if you plan to hold the green!  Check out this 2-hybrid shot.  Here’s another crazy shot! Here’s another one that’s just about as wild!  And check out this fortuitous shot.  Another amazing deflection here!  And how about a perfect low-teed driver skip shot!  You can also skip right through the sand — awesome!

Now, you may get a setup that’s just too difficult to risk driving the green — so, don’t try to force something that’s not there!

With that being said, let’s take a look at some super-human shots, like this incredible skip-bounce hole-out.

Or, and again, only if you’re Putz, with a far-right tee box, you can go around the RIGHT side! This looks like a 5-wood C2-type shot with backspin rotating right twice — amazing.  You can track it right through that well-placed gap in the trees!  You can also give the low-teed 3-wood a try here.  Here it is again with a low-teed 4-wood!

Stuck in the sand up top?  Putt it in like this!

Laurel Park — Hole #16: Par 4

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Teeing it high and going over the top is usually the way to go!  But, be careful of invisileaves — they can jump out and bite you!

With a strong head wind or a cross wind, a teed-high 5-wood should clear the trees left or right of center.  Here’s a great over-the-top dunk, and here’s another dunk! Here was a strong head-wind where a teed-high 5-wood was played perfectly.  And here’s a high-teed 4-wood right over the middle.

With a strong tail wind, you can tee low a 2-iron or 2-hybrid that will go through the gazebo onto the green. A driver works too if you don’t have those clubs! Here’s a perfectly-played low-teed driver, and here’s another one that worked out great!

Heck, you can even ram it through the trees! Here’s another 3-wood dunk!

Don’t rule out going around the trees too!  Here’s a great 4-wood around the right side, and here’s an amazing 7-wood cut around the left side!

Laurel Park — Hole #17: Par 3

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These types of holes become really difficult if the wind and slope are going the same way, so make sure to cut into the slope — it’s the only way to hold the green!

Here’s an example hole-out with a favorable back-left pin.

Here’s a great shot using the big bounce!

Check out this nice dunk to a pin on the right. And here’s a great cut shot into another right pin.

Check out this bank shot off the tree to save birdie!  Also, the drop spot here can leave you with an interesting putt.  You can make it like this or rotate right once and putt straight ahead to curve it in the cup!

Laurel Park — Hole #18: Par 5

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The final par 5 can usually set up drivable!  Rotate to the left, tee it low with a driver, and find a way to skip an A1 around the corner to the green.  You will usually have to get lucky and cut THROUGH the set of trees guarding the green in order to get the angle you need — talk about risk/reward!  Here it is — the super albatross! Here’s another nice one, and here’s a low-teed driver hole-out that skips the water! Here’s another great shot that did go all the way around the trees.  Others can try to rip through the trees and get a nice hop.  And here’s the HOTTEST one of all!  Another hot one here! Finally, an amazing high-teed 5-wood with a great hop!  Here’s another high 5W at a straighter angle, just missing the trees over the top for a clean ace.

So we know a driver works, but what about other clubs?  Here’s some advice to consider:  Use Driver any time the wind is blowing at you and right to left.  The shot is a flat A (straight back at A, not outside) and then smooth out towards the 1.  Use a high-teed 7 wood (if you have it) anytime the wind is blowing 12+ between Noon and 2:30 and the Tee box is up front.  Hit a big full A/1 (No spinny).  Use a high-teed 5 Wood anytime the wind is blowing at Noon to 3:00 and the tee is towards the back of the box.  Hit a big full A/1 (No spinny).

Apparently this hole sometimes also sets up for a C3 to the green, but I’ll need to see an example before I can expand on that!

Okay, so if you don’t want to risk it, here’s a nice place to lay up for your approach if you have a low-lofted club like a 2-iron in your bag, and a double eagle from there!

Also, there’s a “women’s tee” off to the left — if you can land your drive there, you’ll have an open look for a better shot at eagle!

Here’s a hole-out after a long drive around the right side.  Here’s another one getting a great hop off the sand!

Finally, you can just lay up to the right side of the fairway and come over the top!  A 5-wood works just fine, unless THIS happens to you!