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Rocky Hollow — Golden Tee 2015

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rocky hollow

Here is a description of this new course for Golden Tee 2015:
“One part Rockies, a dash of Grand Canyon and a solid serving of desert, Rocky Hollow is a buffet of life out west. Centered in Moah, Utah, just 18 miles from the Colorado border, your 18-hole expedition will showcase the various traits this area has to offer. The water is scarce, but it can be found in the places you tend to visit without purpose. And the hard rock surfaces scattered throughout can be your worst enemy, and on occasion, your best friend. Explore with caution.”

Here is the official preview of the new 2015 Moah, Utah course, and this article breaks down the course even further.

Here is a playlist with YouTube demo videos of all 18 holes from the beta version!

This post contains tips, tricks, and information related to the 2015 Golden Tee course Rocky Hollow! Check out the hole-by-hole breakdowns and example hole-outs as I partner up with the Golden Tee community to give you the edge you need to beat your friends!

The most popular club/ball combo on this course, as with all 2015 courses, is Vultures/Grabbers.

Rocky Hollow — Hole #1: Par 4

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Some setups allow you to get fairly close to the green for a chip shot.

Otherwise just put it anywhere in the fairway — here’s a dunk to start off the round.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #2: Par 4

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The second hole offers a great chance at eagle as long as you can avoid the rocky overhang on the left during your approach.  That shouldn’t be a problem if you use anything loftier than a driver.  Here’s a 3-wood ace straight at a right pin.

A driver (especially low-teed) can get under the overhang and may be a play especially if the pin is on the left and there is a headwind.  This driver caught a couple incredible deflections to find a center cup!  This one curved around left and under and got a nice little hop into the hole.

Or, with a front pin, you can curve it right-to-left with backspin — check out this great 3-wood ace.

This 3-wood is just ridiculous — follow all the bounces and deflections into the cup!  And this driver takes an incredible ride along the rocky road before finding the cup!


Rocky Hollow — Hole #3: Par 3

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Multiple tee boxes offer different approaches into depressed green.  The back-right box can require as much as a driver — here’s a nice ace.

From the middle-left box, here’s a 4-hybrid ace.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #4: Par 5

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This par 5 has multiple levels – there’s a lower fairway, an upper fairway, and then the green is on the lower level at the end again.

First off, if you get the front tee box, you can high-tee a driver and blast onto the rocks to the left.  You can settle in there and bring in your approach for eagle — here’s an example hole-out.

Otherwise, you will lay up towards the end of the first, lower fairway, towards the right.  Being right is important because the hill tapers off that way, but being a bit short is also important so you have loft to get over the hill.  This allows you to curve a wood over that corner into the green.  Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the rocky dropoff, which will carry the ball down onto the green.  This 5-wood was far enough back to go straight at the green and bounce down to the hole.  A drive laid back in the center of the fairway gives a 4-wood plenty of loft and distance straight at it. And this 4-wood carried to the fringe and backspun into the cup.

You can also curve a C3 shot to avoid the height of the center of the hill.  Check out this 5-wood that was curved around and trickled down into the cup.  This 3-wood was a bit farther back but also had enough to bounce down into the hole.

In addition, this 4-wood played an A1-type shot to curve around the left side into a right pin.

Another option is laying up short and left to give yourself a 3-wood into the green — this one caught a nice bounce off the rock on the way down to find the hole!  This one curved around left-to-right and bounced into a right pin.

If you happen to miss out to the right of the second fairway, you can catch a view of a crashed rocket ship:
rocky 4 rocketship


Rocky Hollow — Hole #5: Par 4

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Play as much loft as you can to clear the hill in front of the green.  This means you should favor a high-teed 3-wood over a driver, for instance.  From the back-right box, this high-teed 3-wood had plenty to clear the hill and got a nice bounce into a right pin.  This high-teed 4-wood was perfect.  And here’s a high-teed 3-wood straight at a left pin.

A medium-teed 3-wood can also clear if hit hard, unlike this shot, which bounced off the front hill and still found a back pin!

With a left pin, this driver strayed right but caught a perfect deflection off the hill to bounce into the cup.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #6: Par 3

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A straight, downhill par 3 that should be a great birdie opportunity.  From the back-right box, here’s a 6-wood ace.

From the front-left box, this shot was long but got a perfect little ricochet off the back rock for an ace.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #7: Par 5

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A good option here is to lay up just over to the right, and the ideal spot is to land the flat fairway just over the rocks…check out this ideal setup for a 3-wood hole-out.  Often, you will trickle down a ways into the fairway off the tee, and that’s fine too — you can still arch a 5-wood over and into the green — here’s a nice dunk from that area.  Here’s another one from a little more towards the center with a 4-wood.  Finally, this 3-wood also had enough loft to carry and find the hole.

Another fine option is to lay up at the back center of the left fairway, which gives you enough room to loft a 5 or 6-wood over the rocks into the green.  Here’s a 6-wood hole-out from the middle of that left fairway.  However, you’ll more often run into loft issues from this spot, sometimes needing to bounce over the front rock into a front pin.  A 9-wood in the bag can alleviate some of those concerns.

Yet a third option is to turn left and play a high-teed driver (if needed) onto the rocks, which will leave you an iron with the necessary loft to get over the hill and onto this green in two.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #8: Par 4

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From the left box, a skilled shot up, around, and down to the green behind the hill should be required to give you a chance at eagle on this drivable par 4.  However, the hill is often accommodating to harder-hit shots that can bounce up, over, and down to the green.

Here’s a 4-wood curved around the left but then off the top of the hill to find the hole.

If you don’t want to mess with curves and angles, just play the wind and hit a 3-wood into the appropriate spot on the hill to let it bounce up and over.  This actually works pretty well.  Check out this 3-wood shot straight at the hill that bounces all the way up, over and down into the cup!

Finally, here’s a 5-wood straight over the right side to a right pin.  This 5-wood caught the mountain but shot straight up and down for the deflection dunk!

There is a bit of room around the right side too, especially with a left-blowing wind…see how this 3-wood went around the right side to backspin into the cup.

From the back center box, there’s not much issue clearing the mountain if you hit it firmly.  Here’s a high-teed over the top that finds the hole.  And here’s a nice 3-wood ace with the UFO providing scenery!


Rocky Hollow — Hole #9: Par 3

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A short par 3 with different tee boxes to offer some variety when closing out the front 9.  From the right box, here’s a 9-iron ace to a right pin.

From the left box, this 9-iron found a back pin.

There’s also a look from the other side where you shoot over the hill first – here’s a short ace from there.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #10: Par 5

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A good option here is to lay back to the left in the main fairway, just over the rocks, for a 5-wood over the top — check out this dunk!  Here’s another 5-wood curved around the left side that spun into the hole.  If you have a more lofted club, you can even go right over the top — check out this hole-out with the 7-wood.

Here’s a funny shot curved right into the mountain, but fate decided to project it into the hole instead.

Other options include laying up to the far right side of the fairway instead to go over or around the right side of the rock into the green.

You can even go right over the middle of it — check out this 6-wood that bounced off the top and found the hole!


Rocky Hollow — Hole #11: Par 4

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This hole is drivable with an optimal setup!  Check out this huge high-teed C3 driver that caught the rock in front of the green and bounced on for an eagle putt.  Here’s another one that almost finds the hole!

Otherwise, you can lay up just about anywhere.  One nice spot is the first fairway jutting out left to give yourself a fine look for your approach — here’s a hole-out from there.  Here’s another one with the 3-wood from the right side of the fairway.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #12: Par 3

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Here’s a nice 3-wood dunk from the back-left box.

From the middle-right box, this one hopped into a back pin.

And from the front-right box, this 6-iron finds the hole.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #13: Par 5

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A great, consistent option here is to play a 3/4-hybrid out to the end of the left fairway, which will leave a driver straight into the green in two.  Here’s a hole-out from there.  This layup spot is only problematic if you’ll be left with a strong headwind into the green, where your driver approach may fall short in the water.  However, in this case, you could still try an A1 or C3 driver to get the distance you need — here’s an example.

The next option is to play the lower fairway one of three ways.  First, you can look at the far end of the right fairway, which offers a fairly straight approach with a 3-wood or driver, depending on how far you can get your drive.

With a good setup, you can blast a drive as far down the left fairway as possible and then curve a controlled iron/hybrid around the corner left-to-right to the green while avoiding the water.

Or, with other setups, the play is to lay up at the very front of the bottom left fairway and curve a shot right-to-left around the rocky hill into the green.  This is NOT how you do it, but this one curved into the rock, stayed under with the curve, and somehow found the hole!  This 3-wood also got a fortunate bounce aided by wind and backspin to find the hole.  Finally, this 5-wood almost settled on top but trickled back down into a right pin!  And perhaps craziest of all is the path this 3-wood took to the cup after getting denied on the first attempt.

Finally, if you get way off track, you’ll see how the moon landing (or something fishy) was staged!
rocky hole 13 moon landing


Rocky Hollow — Hole #14: Par 4

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This drivable par 4 with a fairly small green will test your accuracy and distance control, but more importantly your knowledge of the required loft.  There are a few options.

From the front-right of the box, this low-teed 3-wood got under the first and over the second overhang to find the hole.  Medium-teed 3-woods should clear this gap as well if you play a little right-to-left cut.  Most common mistake is hitting too far right off the club, which will catch the underside of the first overhang.  Here’s another look at it.  If you rotate right once, you may be able to better visualize an angle through.

Also, if you slide back and right, a high-teed 5-wood should get over the first overhang by playing it out right to left.  A high-teed 4-wood can work for this approach as well!

However, up and over the left side is also a great option for your approach, such as with a high-teed 5-wood — check out this shot from the back of the box.

A high-teed 6W lets you go more directly over the top from the back of the box, as seen with this ace.

Finally, a thumbed low-teed driver can sometimes get under both overhangs on its way towards the green.  Another way to take loft off the low-teed driver is to play a small cut under that gap.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #15: Par 4

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This long par 4 forces you to choose a path up the fairway while trying to avoid the rocky barriers.  You’ll then have to carry and stick the slightly-elevated green on your approach.

Here’s a hole-out from the center fairway.  And here’s a runner from the right fairway that finds the cup.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #16: Par 5

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Many options off the tee here, so your lay up spot will likely depend on the wind and tee box given.

One good option is to play level with the sand jutting out to the right, to the far right edge of the fairway.  This can give you from a 3-wood to a 6-wood over the hill into the green.  Check out this great 6-wood deflection that found the hole!  And this 3-wood was also a bit off target but got a nice bounce also to find the hole.

From a bit farther up the right side, this 6-wood caught the hill on the way up but had enough to find the green and the hole.  And this 7-wood had some nice little cut to find a front pin.

If you have a 9-wood, you can play more to the left, just over the sand running sideways in the fairway.  Here’s a 9-wood over the top from there!

Finally, there’s a lay-up spot left of the sand that gives you a 3/4/5-wood over the top — check out this amazing shot that dripped down into the cup!  And here’s another one with the 3-wood.

This 5-wood did not have enough loft but caught a couple crazy deflections to find the hole!


Rocky Hollow — Hole #17: Par 3

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This par 3 forces you to carry, stick and hold the severely down-sloped green to avoid dropping off the cliff.  There’s a back box set and a front box set with significant distance in between to make it challenging.  From the back left box, here’s a nice 5-wood with bite to a back pin.

From the back-right box, this 3-wood with backspin settled into the cup.

From the front-right box, this SW backspun and bounced into the cup.  And this 8-iron settled into a back-center pin.

Finally, here’s a 9-iron ace from the front left box.


Rocky Hollow — Hole #18: Par 4

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Rocky Hollow finishes by forcing you to hit around a rocky hill and stick a small green sloped down towards the water, with trouble all around if you miss.  Here’s a nicely-played 3-wood that settles into a left pin.

However, there are some setups that allow you to drive directly at the green.  From the right side of the left box, this driver took straight aim at a right pin and one-hopped into the cup.  With a strong headwind, this high-teed 3-wood was played perfectly to a front pin.

This driver “missed” right but played the rocks perfectly to bounce back down into the cup!

Finally, check out this driver with a big cut just over the water, into the rocks, up and in…amazing!