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Rhineland — Golden Tee 2018

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Here are some early screenshots of the course!  Here is the official preview of the new 2018 Germany course.

Among castles and train tracks and mountain walls exists Rhineland, Golden Tee’s German creation. While the endless, lush green surfaces may seem familiar, this course is anything but. Situated in the Rhine River Valley, the Rhine River serves as a constant obstacle: a large, long body of water that will play an impact on the round’s most impactful shots. And the elevation? Well, let’s just say you haven’t walked a course like this in years—maybe ever.”

Here is a 6-hole preview and discussion from the Golden Tee lounge!

GT Par is most commonly -28, but rare looks on #1 and #15 could increase par to -30 on occasion.

Watch Paul Luna play a demo round through all 18 holes!

This post will contain tips, tricks, and information related to the 2018 Golden Tee course Rhineland! Check out the hole-by-hole breakdowns and example hole-outs as I partner up with the Golden Tee community to give you the edge you need to beat your friends!

The most popular club/ball combo on this course will also be discussed.

Rhineland — Hole #1: Par 4

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This hole is rarely driveable, and in many conditions you can at least blast up close by the green for a chance at an early eagle chip.  From the front box, this drive took aim right at it for an early ace.

From the middle box, this big A1 drive also finds the hole!

Rhineland — Hole #2: Par 5

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Do what you can to settle your drive out in the second fairway past the water, which may require a high tee to be safe.  Anywhere here should be pretty good for an approach for eagle.  Here’s a great dunk from there!

From the newer tee boxes, you might have a setup in the back-right where you can’t clear the second fairway off the tee, so don’t try it!  Lay up to the center/right of the first fairway and you’ll still have plenty of distance to get there in two.

Rhineland — Hole #3: Par 4

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With some practice, it’s actually the preferred route to take your drive through the window straight ahead towards the green.  If you make it in, your ball will filter through and end up on the green!  Here’s what appears to be a 2-wood that finds its way through.  Regarding height, a 3-wood should work as should a high-teed driver if needed.  Here’s a 10.5 driver lined up with the window that makes it through.  This 9.5 driver also clears the bottom edge to make it.  And this was even a medium-teed driver with backspin for an ace.

But the best shots have a little right-to-left cut OR catch a nice deflection shooting it left out the back side…watch this driver find the hole for an ace!

With a left wind, it’s also an option to curve a wood around the tower into the green with backspin.

If you prefer to lay up to the right for birdie, be careful of hitting the wall long on the approach, unless it’s all part of the plan!

Rhineland — Hole #4: Par 3

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An early challenging par 3 with a big drop into the green, but at least it’s a large green…be careful of going long and bouncing back off the hill.  Here’s a 3-wood that got a nice bounce back to find the hole!  And here’s a driver for the dunk.

Rhineland — Hole #5: Par 5

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It is good to try to blast a big C3 drive up to the hill on the second fairway if you think you can get about halfway up, because it will settle and you’ll have a nice clear approach.  Bite can help it settle and not fall back down much, but roll can help too…this is usually a safe shot in all setups for big hitters.

Otherwise, your layup depends on the clubs in your bag.  If you have a 7-wood, you can play more towards the end of the main fairway.  If a 6-wood, lay back a bit more so you can still clear the hill and have the proper distance for the approach up and around the trees.

With the newer tee boxes, you may be forced to lay up at the end of the first fairway, bringing the shot described above into play.

Rhineland — Hole #6: Par 4

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From the left box, you can take pretty straight aim at the green.  Because it’s offset, you can either curve a bit from the left or aim right and take it around left…check out this 3-wood that barely cleared right over to find the hole!

Unfortunately, this hole can be shut down from some of the newer tee box setups where it’s just too long, turning it into a disappointing birdie hole instead.

Rhineland — Hole #7: Par 3

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Short hole, but a big tee box and big green will offer up lots of combinations.  Here’s a GW ace to a front-right pin.

Rhineland — Hole #8: Par 4

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Rare conditions may present this hole as driveable — check out this huge high-teed C3 drive that reaches the green!  Here’s another one that carried the green.

While straight ahead to the right is certainly the easy shot off the tee, it may leave you with an undesirable wind and a big downhill shot into the green.  You should at least take a look out left, because a high-teed high-loft driver can cut the corner over the trees into the fairway and perhaps offer a better option for your approach.

Another option is cutting the corner right-to-left down into the sand to offer a more level approach — here’s a hole-out from there.

Rhineland — Hole #9: Par 5

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There’s almost never any need to try to cut through the tunnel on this one.  Play your drive out as far as you can, towards the middle of the fairway to give yourself some room to hit a wood over the hill into the green with as little curve as you need.

However, now with one of the newer tee boxes, the only shot at the green in two is to lay up at the tunnel and shoot through.  You’ll be tempted to curve into the tunnel, but you really don’t want to do that too much, because you need a low-lofted club to stay low in the tunnel on the approach.  If you land at the entrance in the dirt, for example, you’ll have a punch-shot driver into the green that shouldn’t be much issue.  Be only as aggressive as the loft of your clubs and the experience you gain with the distance they’ll go from the tracks or sand!

There’s another newer tee box out front-right that allows you to blast well clear of the hill guarding the approach from the fairway.

Rhineland — Hole #10: Par 3

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From the front-box, here’s an ace to a center pin.

This 5-wood from the back box buries in a back-right cup.

Rhineland — Hole #11: Par 4

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This is a really challenging eagle that will have you trying a number of different approaches depending on the setup, both within the tee box and due to the wind.

Perhaps the best setup is from the left of the box with a headwind, since you can high-tee a wood and just try to manage distance by having it settle over the building into the green.  Here’s a nice 6-wood dunk to a center pin.

From the left, there’s also a shot left around the building if you can manage to avoid the windmill blades and stick the green.  And if you overcut it a bit, why not just get a couple bounces off the roof and the rock to find the hole!

From the right, there’s a bit more green to work with, but still a very difficult shot that could have you hitting something like a 5-wood under the arch with backspin, curving right-to-left around the building onto the green.  There’s also some room to go right of the arch completely and over the trees into the green…check out this great 6-wood with a couple bounces into the hole!


Rhineland — Hole #12: Par 5

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Certain conditions allow you to fade a drive all the way over to the far-right fairway, which gives a great look.

Most times, however, you’ll be aiming for the small island fairway straight ahead, and this can be challenging with a cross-wind.  Even from here, you’ll sometimes have to curve your approach over/around the hill into the green towards the pin.  Here’s a great 3-wood cut shot that finds the hole.

Rhineland — Hole #13: Par 3

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Here’s a nice dunk from the left box.

Rhineland — Hole #14: Par 4

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A 3-hybrid is a great club to have here — check out this nice one through the tunnel that finds the hole!  You can get away with more height than you might think here…a 5-hybrid is fine and works well with certain distances, but a low-teed 6-wood also clears if the distance calls for it.  With a headwind, you can club up and tee down…check out this low-teed 3-wood curved through for an ace.

With longer clubs such as drivers, you can even attempt bank shots off the wall — check out this driver deflection for an incredible ace!  Here’s another perfect bank shot.  Over time I think this has been the most consistent shot to try, where you aim for the wall towards the end of the tunnel to bounce down.

With the perfect wind, it appears as if an 8/9-wood might be able to curl around the left of the mountain into the green as an alternate approach…this high 9W did indeed find the green for an eagle putt.

With the newer tee boxes, different strategies come into play.  If the wind is blowing right, you can cut a high-teed wood around the left side of the hill into the green.  It’s tougher to bank a shot through the tunnel from back here, so you’ll otherwise need to practice your low-lofted cut shots through the tunnel here.

Rhineland — Hole #15: Par 5

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With a tailwind, this hole can be driveable!  Check out this high-teed 10.5 driver that carries onto the green.  And this driver barely made it to bounce up and then back into the hole for the super albatross!  Here’s another ace off the back wall.

A popular layup spot is the square patch straight ahead, requiring a small cut around the tower.  Distance control is key to both carry and stick this spot.

Another option is the fairway to the left…this tee shot hugged the right edge of the fairway and only needed a 5-wood to hole-out to a front pin!

Yet another option is the fairway to the right, where you can also have a moderate wood into the green…here’s a 5-wood hole-out from there.

With the newer tee boxes, this one is always drivable!  The worst thing is to be short, so always err on the long side…the hill behind the green is usually friendly and can help the ball settle on the green.  Don’t go chasing the pin — just be happy with a double eagle putt!

Rhineland — Hole #16: Par 4

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Just lay up anywhere off the tee for your approach.  Distance control will be key on the approach as long will shoot you backwards, and short is a deep sand trap.

This approach was long but the hole got in the way!

Rhineland — Hole #17: Par 3

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As with most holes late in the round, wind will be a huge factor here, but so will elevation on this one.

From the front box, here’s a great ace to a back-center pin.

From the back box, here’s a great cut shot into a tough wind that snaps back into the cup!

Rhineland — Hole #18: Par 4

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From the back box, here’s a great driver around the left side with backspin for an ace.  Here’s a 3-wood with a straighter line that also finds the hole.

You can also play to the right under the tunnel, although it’s a bit trickier to avoid the water and there is cart path lining the way to the green, impacting spin.  Here’s a perfect low-teed driver from the back box.  Although if you do hit the water, hit it low with spin and it may skip – check out this low-teed driver ace!  Check out this amazing deflection off the wall back onto the green and into the hole!

From the front-left box, around the left is often a good play – here’s a great 4-wood for an ace.

From the new back-right box, you can play a low driver or sometimes a 0-hybrid to get under the arch…or some conditions allow you to play around the left side of the tower.  Here’s a low-teed driver that finds the hole.  Lower-lofted drivers like the 8.5 degree 310 driver work much better here as there’s still risk of clipping the tower.

From the new right-front box, the 1-hybrid is a great club to have, — here’s a great low-teed 1-bird ace.