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Holiday Give-Away Codes!!!

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gt globe

Enter each of the following codes up to 4 times to collect all the available gear for the holiday outfit!

St. Patrick’s Day – 07FEED0317 and 1703170317 and 2403170317 and 3503170317
Christmas – 0333333333 and 3812252014 and 4812252015
Winter Holiday Gear – 1412252010 and 2312252012 and 5112252016
Halloween – 04B0000000 and 18B0000002 and 30B0002013 and 37B0002015 and 50B0002017
New Year’s Day – 0520102010 and 12ACED2011
Valentine’s Day – 06BABEBABE and 40FEB14FEB
Thanksgiving – 13FEEDF00D and 28F00D2013
Mother’s Day – 1158115811 and 3305112014
Father’s Day – 32DADDAD15
President’s Day – 2120202020 and 31ABEABE14
April Fool’s Day – 20F001F001
Easter – 1900000000 and 15EB000000 and 2900000000
Groundhog Day – 2602022013
Independence Day – 2504040404 and 3944444444 and 4607042016
Veterans Day – 2220132013
Earth Day – 3404220422
Dog Days of Summer – 3688888888

Golden Tee Clothing Inventory

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Here is an updated link to my semi-complete clothing inventory in Golden Tee, so everyone can see what outfits I’ve won (at least by name). I’ve won all I can win for 2008, and it’s everything except the old Top Flite clothing.

If you started playing after the 2008 courses came out, you might not get to earn some of the extra 2007 clothing that I have. There was also some Top Flite clothing that I can’t win anymore.

Golden Tee tips tricks hints shortcuts golf game 2007 2008 2009 live arcade customize golfer clothing outfitAnyway, this will help anyone see how much clothing you can actually win — it’s a lot! I’m searching for ideas on how to get pictures of my clothing inventory on the site other than snapping a pic of each item!

UPDATE — Get ready for tons of new clothing in Golden Tee 2009!  I’ll see if I can somehow snap pictures of all the cool stuff you can wear.

Customize your Golden Tee golfer

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Golden Tee tips tricks hints shortcuts golf game 2007 2008 2009 live arcade customize golfer clothing outfitGolden Tee Live allows you to customize your golfer’s appearance however you wish! When you play rounds using your player ID, you earn new articles of clothing at specific milestones along the way! Your golfer is rewarded with a new item for every 5 games you play and for every 30 birdies, 10 eagles, double eagle, and hole-in-one you shoot! The game will tell you when you’ve earned new clothes and what you’ve won, and then you can go to the game options to dress up your golfer! Here are all the areas of customization in 2008 Golden Tee Live:

Gender: Pick male or female!

Face: Pick your skin color and facial style!

Shirt: Dress your golfer with your favorite shirt!

Bottoms: Choose which pants, shorts, etc. you want your golfer to wear!

Headwear: Choose a hat, visor, headband, or other crazy item to put on your golfer’s head!

Shoes: Choose from a variety of different shoe styles to put on your golfer’s feet!

When you first get started, you’ll have options in each of these areas, but the choices will be somewhat limited. Playing several rounds of Golden Tee with your Player ID earns you all kinds of crazy fun clothing that you can throw on your golfer, such as a tuxedo or biker chaps, or even a sombrero, top hat or paper sack on your head! At any time during the round, you can change your golfer’s appearance!