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Drivable Par 5s in Golden Tee LIVE

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It’s one of the ultimate features of excitement in the game — the opportunity to drive the green on a par 5 and put up a -3 on a single hole.  Better yet, some of us have had the pleasure of checking a Super Albatross off our list…the ultimate YouTube moment!  The designers at Golden Tee know that players love the opportunity, so we’ve seen the number of drivable par 5s increase in recent years, allowing players to shoot new personal bests and build their love for the game.

Later this year, Golden Tee is planning to have a Freaky Friday daily contest that features all the drivable Par 5s…it’ll be called something like “Break the Scorecard”.  In anticipation of that event, here’s a list of all the potential holes that could be featured on that special course offering!

Coral Vista — Hole #16

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With the front box, and especially with the introduction of high tees to classic courses, you can sometimes curve a big C3 driver around the trees into this green.

Heather Pointe — Hole #8

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You can rocket a long drive here, potentially finding a ramp in the fairway for huge distance with your A1.  In extremely rare cases you might even catch the right angle to propel up onto the green!

Kangaroo Trail — Hole #15

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This hole can be rarely be driven from the front box…you’re trying to catch a ramp by hitting a medium-teed driver with roll straight ahead, especially with an outwind.

Kangaroo Trail — Hole #16

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With the introduction of high tees to classic courses and the shorter overall distance from the front tee box, you can rarely carry a high-teed driver into this green!

Glacier Ranch — Hole #4

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This always-drivable par 5 from GT Live 2007 was the first of its kind, and it provided an exciting opportunity to put up a big front 9.

Most players have the best success driving this green by hitting a smooth driver straight through the gap in the trees at the green, where it should bounce up and settle.

I have also had a lot of success lining up with the center of the green, using my 3W, pulling back slightly left, and ramming it out left just around the leftmost tree. This takes the gap out of play.  With backspin on the Streaks, it hits the front of the hill and hops up on the green for the DE putt. The only time I struggle is when it’s 300 yards into the wind…then sometimes I can’t get that shot to hop all the way up. So here is when you’d default back to the driver shot.

Here’s a super albatross ace through the trees!

Straight through is certainly the traditional route at this green, but check out the curve on this 4-wood — amazing!  A shorter cut shot around the trees is more traditional, such as this great 3-wood.

This 3-wood somehow stayed under the trees and carried the green, trickling back and in!

Indigo Mound — Hole #16

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Because of the short direct distance, and especially with the introduction of high tees to classic courses, you are able to reach the green off the tee in some setups!

Rustic Bridge — Hole #4

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This green is rarely drivable with a precise tee shot and a helping wind — check out this shot over the road and through the trees!  With the introduction of high tees to classic courses, it should open up a few more opportunities to take a run at this one.

Bayou Bay — Hole #8

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Whenever this hole comes up, you’re always hoping to get the front tee box and a chance at double eagle or better!

You can hit a 3wd or driver around the left side of the tree trunk to the green…here’s a 3-wood super albatross!

You can also play a driver if you go around the right side (there’s “invisileaves” if you hit a 3wd on the right side). To be safe, hit a small B1 or B3 around the tree to avoid any leaves.

Eagle Crest — Hole #4

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Only discovered more recently with high tees, you can carry a high-teed 310 driver to the green here with a big A1!  It’ll go under the first set of trees and over the next one, while a helping wind may get you there.

Check out the second hole played in this Freaky Friday video to see how it’s done!


Bonnie Moor — Hole #12

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Now this one is debatable, but even before high tees were introduced to classic courses, rumor had it that a couple pros had driven this hole with the front-right tee box, a great wind, and a huge C3 shot.  Now with high tees and the ability to customize your bag with drivers, I have to believe this one is occasionally there, although rare!

Grand Savannah — Hole #12

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With a front tee box and a wind blowing towards the green, you actually have a chance to drive this green!  Play a big C3 with roll and you might actually get it there.  Here’s an amazing super albatross!

Sunny Wood — Hole #17

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From the far-right box, you can hit a low-loft C3 driver and hope to cut through the trees into the green — check out this amazing super albatross!

Laurel Park — Hole #18

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Rotate to the left, tee it low with a driver, and find a way to skip an A1 around the corner to the green.  You will usually have to get lucky and cut THROUGH the set of trees guarding the green in order to get the angle you need — talk about risk/reward!  Here it is — the super albatross! Here’s another nice one, and here’s a low-teed driver hole-out that skips the water! Here’s another great shot that did go all the way around the trees.  Other shots can rip through the trees and hope for a nice hop to the green.  And here’s the HOTTEST one of all!  Another hot one here! Finally, an amazing high-teed 5-wood with a great hop!

So we know a driver works, but what about other clubs?  Here’s some advice to consider:  Use Driver any time the wind is blowing at you and right to left.  The shot is a flat A (straight back at A, not outside) and then smooth out towards the 1.  Use a high-teed 7 wood (if you have it) anytime the wind is blowing 12+ between Noon and 2:30 and the Tee box is up front.  Hit a big full A/1 (No spinny).  Use a high-teed 5 Wood anytime the wind is blowing at Noon to 3:00 and the tee is towards the back of the box.  Hit a big full A/1 (No spinny).

Grand Canyon — Hole #16

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The green can be driven most of the time, but you’ll have to control a deflection off one of a couple rocks while choosing the right club depending on the wind…below is a very elaborate explanation with examples how to pull it off!

If the wind is blowing between 3:00 and 6:00, play a high-teed 5-wood with backspin into the top of the obelisk straight ahead.  The harder the wind, the more you tee it to the left.  This creates a deflection towards the green, and the wind will push back against the ball at the same angle it’s shooting over, creating a soft landing.  Here is an example with this setup.

However, you may also be able to play a \ angled shot into the mountain with a high-teed 7-wood with backspin with these types of winds — this one was with a wind at 5:00 and still managed to climb over because it hit the rock at the correct spot!  And here’s another one that dropped in the cup for the super albatross!

If the wind is blowing between 12:00 and 3:00, play the same type of shot with a high-teed 7-wood with backspin.  The ball won’t deflect with as much velocity to the left, but that’s where the wind kicks in and keeps pushing it forward a bit, but also back right to slow it down.  Here is an example with this setup.  Here’s another one played with a C3 that just barely caught the obelisk rock and deflected over.

If the wind is blowing straight out, you’ll want to shoot over the wall to the left of the obelisk.  The 7-wood can have a tough time holding the green, so use a high tee, move left, and play a spinny C3 9-wood into this wall.  It should grab the wall and barely climb over, dropping forward onto the green.  This 9-wood almost went in!

If the wind is blowing hard to the left, play a high-teed 9-wood or 7-wood (backspin) with the same C3-type shot, giving the ball room to carry down to the left as it drops towards the green.  A straight shot can also work.  Here’s a high-teed 9-wood that took advantage of this hard left wind to drop on!  Use the 9-wood whenever possible with this shot because the 7-wood can hit the face of the rock and come straight back.

The only setup that it consistently difficult to land the green is when the wind is blowing between 6:00 and 9:00.  It’s hard to carry the high-lofted club over, and the 5-wood deflection shot will continue left and likely find water, similar to what happened on this attempt.  However, this high-teed 9-wood had a slight head-wind but made its way over for the SUPER ALBATROSS!

And here are some shots that are not recommended but worked out in this case!  If you hit a 3-wood here with a strong left wind, you may also make it there — incredible!  This one got it done too — left rock, right rock, over to the green.  And this 4-wood shot up off this rock and carried over the top, settling on the fringe!

Royal Cove — Hole #8

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This hole is actually drivable in certain setups with a high-teed A1 driver, but it’s really difficult…there’s a very small margin of error in terms of the curve path and the distance, and it requires you to land in the sand strip short of the green to kill the ball and stop before cruising over to the water.

Royal Cove — Hole #17

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The ideal setup for this seems to be a spot on the middle or right of the tee box, with a tailwind or even blowing left.  A high-teed 5-wood can carry high up on the hill and down onto the green.  With a strong left to right wind, here’s another great high-teed 3-wood around the side.  And this 3-wood found a clean gap through the trees on the hill on the other side and settled down in the hole!

Here’s another option — a 3-wood through the small gap in the trees!  This is a medium tee with backspin that missed the leaves and had just a small curve on its way through — this is a good option too, as it usually seems to be there.

Another very risky play is a low-teed driver curved around the corner — check out this amazing shot that skips off the water and barely gets a high enough skip to land the green and roll in!

Coconut Beach — Hole #11

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From the front boxes, this hole can be drivable, and you’ll always want to go for it.  Even with a wind blowing hard right, you can still curve a high-teed 3-wood around into the sand at least to give yourself a chip.

This high-teed 3-wood from the second-closest box found the hole!  Here’s another ace from there.  This high-teed driver played the sand to find a closer cup as well!  Check out the amazing shortcut this 4-wood took on the way to the hole!  And this one amazingly found its way through the trees and into the hole!

Jackrabbit Junction — Hole #12

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From the tee boxes closest to the green and a hard wind blowing at the green, this hole can be drivable.  From the front box, you can high-tee a driver and blast a shot straight at it.  From the next box, there is also the potential of aiming straight at it, although there’s risk of clipping the hill this way.  However, this one did carry over and found the cup for the ace — awesome!

Curving an A1 shot through the gap in the cacti over the hill is possible too for some extra distance — this one had a little deflection but almost buried in the hole!  A C3 shot from the right side won’t have enough elevation to clear the hill cleanly, but it can trickle over down to the bottom at least.

Sequoia Grove — Hole #17

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Incredible risk here if you want a double-eagle chance, but it’s always “there” if you want to try it!  This driver got through the tiny gap and found the hole for an ace!  This 4-wood found the hole, but on the second try for eagle instead.  And this shot got a couple fantastic deflections off the trees for another ace!

Another risky yet sometimes profitable option is to play a big curve around the left side, where there are some gaps to sneak through.  This one settled just off the green!  This one rattled around and kicked back on as well.  And this one very nearly found the cup!

Greek Hills — Hole #11

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With a great setup, a big C3 with a helping wind can sometimes carry there.  Here’s another one that found the green.  This C3 hopped over the sand and made it on too.

Pelican Grove — Hole #9

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With certain setups you can drive this green straight at it through the trees or with a C3 cutter around the right side.  Right at it with a tailwind, through and knocked down by the tree for the dunk, here is the incredible super albatross!  Here’s another straight high-teed driver through the trees for a short DE putt.

Here’s a big C3 cutter around the right side that caught a late water skip and held the green.  Here’s another one.  This high-teed driver took a bigger angle and caught a boost from a branch to shoot it up on the green!

Antelope Pass — Hole #14

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This always-drivable par 5 generated quite a few super albatrosses.  You could fly straight over the mountain with some setups, and others called for you to turn right and play a C3 shot into the green.

From the front-right box, you can rotate right once and cut a wood into the green…this high-teed 5-wood caught the mountain bounce with a perfect deflection into a front pin!  This one carried the green to find the cup.  This 6-wood also curved around to find the hole.  Here’s another 6-wood that carried enough to use backspin to suck into the cup.  With a tailwind, even a high-teed 9-wood may have enough to just go straight at it!

From the back box, you can take pretty straight aim with a high-teed 5-wood (or in most cases a high-teed 4W works too).

Or, you can rotate right and cut a high-teed 3-wood over/through the mountains into the green…check out this great bounce at the end for the super albatross!  This high-teed 4W landed cleanly with a bit of spin back for another one.

Volcano Palms — Hole #16

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This par 5 is drivable from the front box with an outwind or sometimes a side wind.  From the front-left box, this high-teed 3-wood had just enough to clear the volcano and trickle down into the hole!  This one played as a C3 into a right wind also dropped into a left pin for the super albatross!  Finally, some of the higher-lofted drivers with a high tee may clear the volcano as well — this one (Surge driver with Streaks) almost finds the hole.

Juniper Falls — Hole #7

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In rare situations you can take a shot at driving this green…worst case you’ll end up close with perhaps a chip.  Here’s a huge C3 off the tee that finds the fringe!

Juniper Falls — Hole #13

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Whether it’s a big B2 driver with a strong tailwind, or a giant A1 shot through the mountains, it’s possible to end up on the green here.  I haven’t seen many examples yet or any aces.  The one shot I do have saved is this turbo A1 with the high-teed 3-wood that finds the green.  Even without the turbo, I do believe guys are finding this green on occasion.

Juniper Falls — Hole #16

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Perhaps now the most famous ramp hole ever, this par 5 is home to the longest ace in GT Live history.  From the back box, this medium-teed driver took advantage of an outwind and caught the ramp with a big C3 with roll to propel up onto the green, ramming into the hole!

Pine Coast — Hole #4

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Rarely you can drive this green with a B2 straight at it, but more often you’ll play a big high-teed A1 driver into the green when you get very good conditions…here’s a great ace!

Pine Coast — Hole #10

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Ironically, the back box in the screen shot is no longer used, so players always have a great chance to stick the green on this from the front box with any setup!

From the front-right box, this high-teed driver just barely stays under the trees to reach the green and drop in for the super albatross!  Here’s a medium-teed driver with just a small cut that finds the hole.  And this medium-teed driver cuts wider around the trees to find the cup for the ace.

You can also slide right and go around that way if you see a better setup…here’s a fantastic ace to the right!  Here’s another with a bit more loft to a back pin.  This one was heading long but the cup got in the way – amazing!

Sandy Reef — Hole #14

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With just the right conditions and a high(er)-loft, high-teed driver, it’s possible to blast a C3 out right around and over the trees onto the green — here’s an amazing ace.

It’s also possible to drive the green around the left side with an A1 drive!  I believe this was a Turbo A1 before it was removed from the game, but it’s worth watching nonetheless for the possibility.