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Here Comes Golden Tee 2020!

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Golden Tee 2020 Preview time is here, with ship-day set for September 23!  Let’s get right into the courses:

Using the links below, you can skip ahead to the course overviews for any new 2020 course:
Jamaica Bay
Grand Teton
Lake Powell
Dodge City
Oakwood Hills
Coral Ridge

Also, they had a demo machine set up at Worlds in Vegas, and there are two feeds below showing off the new courses.  Keep in mind that only Casual Play was available, which drastically affects difficulty, and that Jim Z. has already made many course alterations since that time.  But still, it’s fun to see the general layouts and designs!
2020 Demo Feed 1
2020 Demo Feed 2

And here’s a fun preview of the 2020 Design-A-Hole on Jamaica Bay.

Next up is a preview picture of what’s coming with new GT clubs and balls in 2020…more to come as it’s released!  No news yet on the balls but here’s a run-down on the club sets.

Custom putters have been so popular that we’re getting 22 more new options in 2020!  First up is Sammich and The Kabob.  Next is My 2nd Putter and Rawr.  The third preview set includes Reel’n In and Ear Candy.

Tee boxes have been overhauled in GT 2020!  From what we hear, there will be dozens of different possible looks on each hole, with the tee box floating all over the place.  While the variety will be fun, it certainly might make it more difficult to know what clubs you need in your bag for each course!

Six new Real Time Rivals have been added to this mode of play — read about them hereRivals mode is now online as well, meaning you can use your own player, equipment, and earn prizes by beating rivals and working your way up the ladder.  You can also see a Rivals demo of Dodge City and Jamaica Bay as Kevin Lindsay faces off with John Daly for a couple rounds.

Another big change is the format and payouts for Closest to the Pin, which now pays out the top 20 players in a 50-person contest ($10 first prize) based on TOTAL DISTANCE over all 9 holes.  This giant change will cause you to play more conservatively on some holes to try to make sure you stick the green and don’t blow up your distance with a shot in the rough, sand or water around the green.

Getting Ready for Golden Tee 2015!

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2015 gt live logo

We’re into September, and that means Golden Tee 2015 is less than a month away!  Click here to watch the preview trailer for the new release.  Here’s everything you need to know about it, starting with the courses (touted as the most scorable ever – read more here)!  Click each link below to read an overview of each course and find links to video demos of each hole taken from the beta version in August!

Sparkling Waters in Minnesota
Desert Valley in Vegas
Celtic Shores in Ireland
The Pearl Lagoon in Thailand
Rocky Hollow in Utah

Next, there are two sets each of new virtual clubs and balls!  Click here to read about the Vulture and Detonator club sets, but note that the Vultures do not have a 7W as the picture indicates.  Click here to read about the Grabbers and Javelins.  We’ll check back after a few weeks into the new release to see how well this new equipment fits into the 2015 version as compared to what you may already own.

In addition, there are two new game features with this release.  First, Golden Tee has introduced a Daily Contest where you can play a 2015 course with locked conditions over that 24-hour period as many times as you like to put up your best score.  The top 100 at contest closing win money back, with first place winning at least $50.  The prize payouts increase as contest entries increase, so this will be interesting to watch!  Here is more information about the daily contest, posted at the start of the 2015 season.  And they just upped the payouts as well — read more here!  And it has been upped yet again!

Next, there’s a fun new game mode in Casual Play only called King of the Hill, where you try to become the king of any 2015 course on that specific machine during that week of play.  The current king’s score is shown when selecting a course to play:

Then it’s as if you have another virtual golfer playing alongside you during the round.  If you have honors, you tee off first.  If the king has honors, you get to watch the king tee off first.  A visual in the lower-right will show you the angle of each shot by the king, although the king’s shot happens rather quickly, and you are left to guess how hard the shot was actually hit.  In any case, this should be an attractive game mode for casual players who want to be tops on their machine or learn from better players who have gone before them!

As always, you’ll have the chance to win new hats, shirts and pants to add to your virtual wardrobe.

Finally, coming in 2015, a different classic course will be featured each week as available for prize play!  Players have asked for this feature for some time, and it will be nice to get to play a rotating course for prizes in addition to the new 2015 courses.

That’s it — we’re always ready for new courses and new features, so the rest of the year should be a great time to be a Golden Tee Fan!  Check back for the course write-ups on each hole to continue to learn how to navigate your way to lower scores!

Kicking off Golden Tee 2014

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September 23 is Golden Tee 2014 Ship Day, meaning it will start showing up in bars across the country this week!  Here’s everything you need to know to get ready for the new update.

First, visit each course category page (Pelican Grove, Shady Acres, Turtle Island, Highland Links, Greek Hills) to see a summary review of each course along with hole-by-hole breakdowns and YouTube example shots as the year progresses.  This is your best way to learn how to attack each of these new holes on the 2014 courses.  Check back often early on to see what has been updated as we learn how to navigate the new holes.

There are two new club sets in 2014 — the Inciter and the Surge.  Read about them here.  I’m not sure that you need them on this year’s courses, but we’ll see how things play out.

There are also three new virtual balls this year — Razor, Archer and Sniper.  Read about them here.  I think the Razors have great potential this year — I tried them out and really liked them.  They land softer, have great backspin/roll, good distance, and they putt firmly.

The game has made it easier for you to select and change clothing by showing 12 items per page — more details here before you experience it yourself.

By clicking the blue “Help” button this year, you can pan up and get an overhead view of any shot, which can come in very handy in some situations — learn more here!

You’ll also immediately notice how the screen has been rearranged to give more real estate to the environment of the shot…and you’ll also be notified if you are low on virtual equipment before you tee off!  See more here.

Finally, YouTube video uploads look much cleaner, sharper and smoother this year, as you’ll come to see.  Here are more details on that improvement for 2014.