Bump-and-run chips

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These shots in Golden Tee give you the best chance of holing out a chip. If you are in the fringe and only have green in front of you, it’s definitely a great tip to pick a less-lofted club like a 5-iron to punch and run the ball to the hole. There are two big advantages to this bump-and-run shot – first, you don’t have to account for wind, since the ball is only in the air a fraction of a second. Secondly, the ball will be rolling faster, so you don’t have to play as much slope as you would with a loftier club.

Again, these shots will take lots of practice, as you obviously don’t want to hit the ball too far since you’re using a low iron from just off the green! See the “Chips under 10 yards” section for help on executing these shots. Remember also that it’s very hard to “lip out” a shot in Golden Tee (it has to be hit way too hard and slightly off-line), so even if you hit the ball too hard but it’s on-line, the hole should suck it in!

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