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Golden Tee tips tricks hints shortcuts golf game 2007 2008 2009 live arcade chipping chip shotsThere comes a point where you’re so close to the pin on a chip shot in Golden Tee where you can’t flip the trackball forward gently enough to keep the ball in front of the pin. That point usually comes from within 10 yards, or if you are using a low-iron for a bump-and-run. Here’s a tip for how you should play very short chips: first pull the trackball back slowly so your club begins to come back. You’ll want to pull it back so it looks as if you’re taking a one-quarter swing. Then, use your thumbs to flip the ball forward at about one-third strength. This should give the ball enough to pop out of the fringe onto the green with a good chance of going in the hole.

The worst thing that can happen here is leaving the ball short, still on the fringe! I’ve done it many times. This usually happens when you don’t have a big enough backswing. It’s better to keep your backswing at a consistent length and alter the speed of your shot than to have a shorter backswing and try to hit it hard. Remember, at the worst, you want an up-and-down from the fringe – you don’t want to be chipping again on your next shot!

Of course, bump-and-runs with low-irons in Golden Tee don’t require much speed to get them off and running. Still, make sure you get enough of a backswing to clear the fringe and get the ball running! Practice is the key here – keep working until you get the right feel!

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