Areas without Golden Tee prize play

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Unfortunately, there are some areas, even states, where players don’t have the option of playing for Golden Tee prizes!

Arizona, Louisiana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and New Jersey don’t allow playing for prizes anywhere in the state, and that’s tough for players there who want to see how they stack up against players from around the globe. I’m also told Washington, Michigan, Mississippi and Montana have prize play but no “Hole-N-Win.”

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  1. hole n win? what is that and what years is it on? im in michigan and i used to be able to do the try it shots before the live machines came out. Is it good money? do you have to pay more money to play?

  2. I just went back to my home state of South Dakota a couple weeks back. I had a very nice hole-out and a hole-in-one. Unfortunately, the new 2009 golden tee machine did not let me submit to YouTube. So, another unfortunate event for players in South Dakota.

  3. Will Arizona be allow to participate in prize contests starting in 9/9 with the new laws passing

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