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Golden Tee tips tricks hints shortcuts golf game 2007 2008 2009 live arcade prize contest money hole-n-win hole-in-oneAnother fun new feature added to Golden Tee Live is the option to win money on a hole-in-one. Usually once per round, the game will pop up a message asking if you want to risk $0.50 to win a certain amount of money (usually between $10 and $30) if you shoot a hole-in-one. I’m not good enough to risk the $0.50, but I know many people probably bank on this opportunity! The offer isn’t just for Par 3s either…you may receive the offer on a Par 4 hole that’s reachable off the tee. So if you’re an approach shot expert in Golden Tee, you can probably sink a hole-in-one just often enough to make this opportunity profitable!

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  1. The hole-in-win challenge is twice per round (18 holes). One will be a .50c opportunity and one will be a $1 opportunity. I’ve successfully sunk (3) different .50c challenges for less than $30 each. The $1 challenges are very difficult but it’s hard to pass up the opportunity when you can win anywhere from $100 to $500 ! The worst is when you skip the challenge and you actually end up with a hole in one!

  2. Where does the original money come from

  3. IT puts it up to start with, and it grows from there.

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