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It’s happened to all of us — we pay that extra dollar to give Prize Play a shot, shoot a great score of about 5 strokes better than average, but still end up out of luck in 21st place.  Wouldn’t you like a chance to have your handicapped scores pitted against others with a REAL chance to win some prize money?  GoldenTeeFan has the league for you!

We’re now recruiting players to join the GTF Tour with a chance to compete, compile statistics, and win prize money in handicapped league play each week!

Signup Instructions:

Simply visit From here, you can view a link to all the league rules, make a deposit to fund your account, and email us with your account details.  We’ll take it from there!

Each week of play begins on Thursday!  Sign-ups will be accepted until Wednesday the night before, and you can join any time for each successive week of play!

The first quarter of play will run through October 5, with the next quarter starting on October 6.

Please feel free to email us questions or post suggestions on how to make this league a more enjoyable experience for you and everyone – thanks!!

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  1. I am definitely interested! Especially if I can score more prize money on my GT Card Account to buy more rounds, balls, & tees to play even more GT-Live!!!

  2. I would be interested in this.

  3. I would like to do this for sure.

  4. Sound very interesting. I would like to try it

  5. Sounds good to me if everyone uses SAME clubs, balls, tee height, tee box placement, and wind for that course.

  6. i don`t play with every game with my card………………………..

  7. I’m in!

  8. Sounds like a great idea. I would be interested

  9. Sounds great! I play almost everyday but Sunday so count me in!

  10. I am in I play alot.

  11. i`m in!

  12. Can an Aussie participate? If so, I’d be in!

  13. Sounds like a good idea, but I think the use of golden tees and balls should be up to the player. Anyone who is not using golden tees is really missing out. I’m not sure how well the handicap system would help me at a +22 hdcp, but I’d be willing to give it a try.

  14. Chris Doyle,it sounds like it wouldn’t help us out much.I’m a +21 Hdcp also.But it does sounds like alot of fun though.I would be willing to try it out.

  15. Thanks guys — we’re almost ready, should be starting up next week!

  16. Sounds very interesting…also just for GoldenTee in general, they should have 3 divisions…And every week or two weeks the divisions get reset, so if you average -20 for 2 straight weeks your in the top division, but you average -15 the next 2 weeks, you r sent to the middle division. The lowest division is < -10 ; middle division is < – 18 or 19 … then the top division is everyone else…THEY SHOULD MAKE THIS HAPPEN….the other day infact, i shot -19 and ended up in 27th it was stupid

  17. Definitely interested.

  18. sounds like fun…count me in!

  19. Love to participate.

    Old Wino !

  20. Count me in!

  21. sounds fun. i’d try it.

  22. There’s no way to assure the same tee/wind/etc… across machines, and I don’t believe there’s a way to see what equipment people were using.

    Would it just be the best round for that course for the week? That would allow people to play a few rounds to get some favorable setups.

    It’s insane to only pay 1st and 2nd if you have a ton of people. There are ways to pay up to the top 1/3rd of the field and still have pretty good prizes. This motivates more people to take part.

    Also, maybe I am just horrible, but it seems like you’d need a division for those of us that are still in the negative handicaps… there have to be a lot of players out there as bad as me…. right?

    Just a few things I thought of… I love the idea!

  23. i don`t think any setup is easier than another. weather the wind on laurel 17 was blowing toward the water or away from the water i would always find a way to fuck up that hole.

  24. I`m in!

  25. question, last tuesday i registered for the it forums but the activationemail still hasn`t come. why is that?

  26. Not sure — I’m not affiliated with anyone else so you may have to send a note to to follow up!

  27. I would be interested. However, I would love to know more on how this will work. And you say league. Does that mean teams? or is this an individual league. I would love to have team leagues like in real golf. 2 man or 4 man teams would be great. I am between a +21 to +23 handicap depending on my drinking on any particular day. Are you trying to attract the more casual players in this league or are you trying to reach everyone?

  28. I know someone who would be PERFECT for this tournament. Sadly, HE is not me…

  29. I am also a +22 handicap, but it’s geared towards more casual players. The handicap system allows anyone to be able to win. It’s individual play for now against all who participate in any given week, but teams are a great idea for an enhancement down the road! I’d love to get to the point where we can have private divisions, team play, and things like that. Thanks for the comments.

  30. I have a question about the upcoming tour. The rules state “Cost for each contest will be 1 credit per course, per week, with a 1 course per week limit. So does this mean you only play one course per week or each course once per week? I play quite a few games in a session and playing all 5 is not out of the question.

  31. You get to play all 5 courses once per week! So go ahead and play that 5-course cycle when you’re out — they will all count. Each course has its own contest per week.

  32. I think I will play as well.

    Also, if I play in Glory Play in Louisiana, sill that still count?

  33. YES — Glory Play is allowed as long as you swipe your card!

  34. Cool than…I’m IN! I should be able to play in Houston & New Orleans, so I should be able to play every week…HOPEFULLY!

  35. Wait, you have to PAY for credits to play? I`m a 35 year old man with a 13 year old and a 1 month old and I`m on a tight budget so just forget it.

  36. NO, EAGLE IS NOT IN. I was told that eagle is my 13 year old son. He told lies, cussed at other members,was being rude and obnoxious, and even using the n word. He got grounded to his room for a year, no tv, computer, phone, nintendo, going out and no going out means NO GOLDEN TEE.

  37. How does a machine malfunction/DNF play out?
    This f’n machine I play on sux

  38. If you miss him, then why did you ban him? Anyway, because he and our ip address got banned, I can`t get on underdog either. I am eagles father and I am 100% innocent. And NO, eagle is not playing because he got grounded for what he did on it, no golden tee for a LONG time.

  39. I just found out that he was being an a-hole on IT forums just a few days ago. A friend who uses the forum told me told me.

  40. Oh wait, I just forgot I have a fluffing interview on Monday so if I get this job I won`t be able to play. Sorry guys. Double wait, I can afford $5 dollars to play but not an extra $1 dollar to play in this wow I’m an idiot.

  41. Ok I did NOT write comment 44, I just want to have the ip address unbanned. It was banned courtesy of eagle, my son

  42. Richard Dawson, get back to the podium til its time to play the feud.

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