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I’m a big fan of math, numbers, and rankings, so I couldn’t help but dive into each hole on each course in Golden Tee and try to place a difficulty level on each. This section contains the GT Fan ratings of each of the 15 Golden Tee Live courses, along with a few extras. To get a course rating, I simply added up the difficulty levels of each hole on the course. Getting the difficulty level of each hole was the fun part!

When trying to assess the difficulty of any particular hole, I took into account 4 main factors: the drive off the tee, the approach shot(s), the putt, and the potential score you could shoot on that hole. I rated the difficulty of each aspect from 1-10, with 10 being the most difficult, and averaged the results to form a difficulty score for each hole. And there you have it!

Of course, these ratings are very subjective and come from the perspective of an amateur player. I did not take wind into consideration, since wind varies with each round, but I do keep the assumption that wind strength generally increases as you move on. Tee boxes and pin placement can change also, but my notes are from the default tee position, and they include the default clubs and balls as well. Finally, several holes have an aggressive route and a conservative route to the green, so I rated difficulty of both paths and averaged them out — I couldn’t think of a better way to tackle that issue.

The course rating doesn’t mean much by itself, but you can compare courses to each other this way to see where you should shoot the best scores and where you’ll struggle the most. I’ll also compile a list of the most difficult holes among all these courses, and add other fun facts along the way. Feel free to add comments or suggestions as you see fit!

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  1. I’m hiding all this info for now, as it really doesn’t have much use. With the wind, the differing tee boxes, and your approach to the hole, it’s hard to put a single number ranking on each hole. If I come up with a better rating system, I’ll let you know!

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