Heather Pointe — Hole #17: Par 3

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Here’s an example backspin hole-out to this tough green.

There’s even some space to miss left and bounce on if you avoid the sand!  Here’s another fantastic 9-wood ace.

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  1. need some help on this one…this is easily the hardest par 3 on the game for me right now.

    i don’t have LIVE hooked up yet, so i’m using the default clubs/balls and do not have “bite” yet so i’m stuck with normal/backspin/roll.

    every time i’ve played this one, the wind has been strong at my back and the pin has been in the front/right of the green. the way that thing is sloped towards the water, i’m in trouble if i land on the green and even when i’m short and wind up chipping onto it, i can’t seem to control my speed and wind up in the water anyway.

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