Moose Landing — Hole #17: Par 3

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The final par 3 at Moose Landing plays at approx. 155-yards and has a cool, shapely green with a gnarly down 10° slope. Almost a dozen pot bunkers guard the green’s front while water lies directly behind it. Unfortunately, there’s not much to tell you other than don’t end up in a bunker! You woud be better off in the water most of the time than in one of those deep sand pits. Don’t forget to use backspin.

Come on, Sobe. You birdie this hole ten times to my one and you have nothing to tell us? Fine. I have some advice – hit the options button, select “player quit” and tell your friends that you shot a –30.

Here’s a nice hole-out.  Check out the amazing deflection on this 9-wood hole-out!

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  1. What the hell sobe? You would be better off in the water than in the sand? Ha I`m better at this game(well at least this hole) than sobe!

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