Moose Landing — Hole #18: Par 4

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#18 at Moose Landing is my favorite finishing hole of the year! It’s a drivable par 4 to an elevated green that is carved into a mountainside. A vertical and shapely rock face guards the entire right side of the green, while three pot bunkers protect the left. Beyond the bunkers to the left, a vertical cliff falls sharply down to – you guessed it – water! The most important aspect to consider here is the slope of the green since at left 9° it can be tough to stick! To make it happen you must play a shot that moves from left to right. This will alter the approach angle of your shot and ultimately lessen the effect of the green’s nasty break. Backspin is optional but I use it much more often than not. Good luck, everyone and I’ll see you back on for Golden Tee LIVE 2008!

A fitting end to an insanely tough round. No offense to Jim Z., but I hate Moose Landing. Let us never speak of it again.

Here’s a great hole-out from the front box!  A perfect shot here — bank and in.  This shot is just unbelievable.

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