Moose Landing — Hole #5: Par 4

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#5 is a drivable par 4 that plays over water to a medium-sized green. The trouble lies near the front-left side of the putting surface that is heavily guarded by a tall grass hill that a 3 or 5-wood clears easily. A driver can bounce off the top of the hill and land on the green but there’s not much room for error. Pot bunkers behind the green and in line with the hill make the approach more difficult when the pin is located on the left. Water surrounds most of the entire green so there’s a chance a bad shot will be wet. Shots tend to “get up” more on this hole than others so I generally refrain from hitting driver. Oh yeah, backspin is usually necessary.

This can be a tough little par 4 to eagle. What Sobe doesn’t mention is that the down 6° slope of the green will come into play with long putts. This is no gimme! With that said, even a duffer would be silly to not go for it – laying up is simply not an option. For the most accuracy off the tee, try to use a 5-wood. Its higher loft will make it easier to control the ball and clear the hill.

Here is a nice 3-wood hole-out.  And here is an unbelievable bunker deflection you’ve got to see!

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