Bayou Bay — Hole #14: Par 4

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This par 4 can set up easy or very difficult. If you’re hitting across the lake to the upslope, its a 5-wood to driver, angled in from either side. Coming at it from the left, here’s an example hole-out.

If it’s from the opposite side, you have a small river and a downward green which makes it tough to land with a bad wind.  Here’s an example dunk!

If you’re on the side box, there’s a tree that grabs almost all shots from here. Sometimes it can be straight, but it takes a masterful B3 around the tree to land on the right sloping green, and then you have to get lucky to stay on. So, if you have this look, just lay up left of the hole for a SW approach. Sometimes you’re at the back of this death box and you have a favorable wind, where a 5-wood will clear the death tree. But watch out — you’ll need to clear 300 yards!

Sometimes you’ll just have to lay up here if driving the green looks too difficult!

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