Bayou Bay — Hole #15: Par 5

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This long par 5 can be very hard to reach in 2. From the middle tees and 670 or so out, just blast a couple straight drivers to get there in 2 — here’s a straight driver in for double-eagle.

Otherwise, hit it as far down the fairway as you can with an A1 or C3. From there, sometimes you can have a 280-yard shot all the way up to a 370-yard shot. If you’re still 330+, there’s no way a B3 will get there, so you’ll need to hit a big C3 driver with backspin and still catch a lucky bounce. If you’re over 350, a big C3 driver with topspin and a lucky hop out of the sand will sometimes work — this shot got a nice bounce and rolled its way in!  And here’s a nice bounce out of the sand!

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