Bayou Bay — Hole #9: Par 4

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A very tough hole to stick the green off your drive, and sometimes it’s best just to lay up.

From the left set of boxes, a C3 or B3 around the trees will get you there with a 5-wood to driver.

From the right boxes, an A1 or B1 5-wood to driver will get there — here’s a nice ace that flew the green. An option on these types of shots is also to land the drive at the end of the fairway so it hops the water onto the green — here’s a great ace from the front right box. If you fly the green, it’s hard to stop the ball before it goes off the back into the sand.

The middle tee boxes make this hole easy with just a straight 3-wood to driver — here’s a nice hole-out from the front box.

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