Cypress Cove — Hole #11: Par 5

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If you can get to the second fairway across the water, this one is easy. Stay right as much as you can, because the fairway slopes left. Here’s an example hole-out from there. Just watch out for this fringe when you’re on the green, because it really throws putts off track!

If you cannot clear the water to make the second fairway, lay up short and to the right on the first fairway. This will give you a difficult, but makeable, second shot where you hit a B3 wood around the trees and hope to stick the green. Sometimes, you’ll be able to shoot a low liner through a gap in those trees as well.

If you’re way back on the box but you can reach the sand, try to dump the ball in the skinny sand trap 3rd from the right.  There’s a nice gap between the trees here where you can thumb a driver with backspin right onto the green.

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