Cypress Cove — Hole #16: Par 3

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Here’s a tough par 3 that can ruin your round.

This hole can set up anywhere from a sand wedge to a 3-wood depending on the tee box and wind, but it always has a hard left-sloping green towards the sand.

If you’re close enough for a small iron or wedge, and the wind is blowing left too, you may need to get creative. Turn right one of the green and hit a B1-type shot with backspin. Doing this with any club longer than a 7-iron will hook the ball too much and you’ll be stuck behind a huge hill and in the sand.

You can always try to take advantage of the hill by landing on it so that it rolls down onto the green (use backspin) — here’s a nice example.  This was was about a yard from being on the other side of the hill but made its way back down and in!

If it sets up pretty square, play a B1 or A2 shot with backspin into the green, trying to land behind the pin, to combat the slope. If you land it correctly, it will curl back toward the pin.  Here’s a pretty straight hole-out.

Be careful on a downhill putt here! I had a 12-foot down 10 putt roll over even while pulling back to A (which is supposed to prevent such roll overs)!

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  1. with front pin location, i sometimes wil aim to land my shot about 5-10 yards short of the green. my ball will then slow down and trickle forward onto the green close to or into the hole. even if you come up a little short, you are chipping from 10 yards for birdie and a par is not a bad score on this hole sometimes!

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