Cypress Cove — Hole #7: Par 4

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This green is sometimes drivable with a lucky turbo-bouncing C3, but watch out! This green is 250-feet across, so if you’re on the wrong end of the green, you could be 3-putting from 200+ feet! It’s better just to shoot a straight driver 300+ in the fairway to get a clear look at attacking the flag with your approach shot — here’s an example hole-out.

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  1. just 250 feet across? one time during a practice round i was playing around to see how far of a putt i could have, and i was 370 feet across, so how come you say it`s just a 250-foot green? (just a footnote: 370 feet is about 125 yards, and my 10 year old son needs a friggin DRIVER to hit it that far in real life, and the game expects me to cover that shit distance with a PUTTER? LOL)

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