Eagle Crest — Hole #7: Par 4

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Not drivable, so don’t try it.

From the front tees, the safe play is to hit a C3 5-iron with backspin to cut the corner a bit. Rather, you can rotate left 3 times, hit a driver with topspin through a gap in the trees, and end up in the fairway or rough just past with only a 8-iron to PW approach shot!

From the middle box, stay straight and hit a B3 2-iron backspin to cut the corner a tad, keeping it on the fairway.

From the back box, you can rotate left twice and hit a 5-wood backspin C3 over the gap in the top of the trees. It leaves about the same 8-iron to PW approach shot as the front box shot does. If you don’t have a 5-wood, play a small hook straight ahead similar to the middle box shot.

Make sure you hit your tee shot far enough out so that the tree on the left doesn’t interfere with your approach shot!  Here’s an example hole-out.

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