Misty Springs — Hole #10: Par 4

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You’ll be hitting to 1 of 2 fairways here, but either should be easy — just hit it far and leave a good approach shot.

From the right tees, you can blast an A1 far enough out to leave a nice approach shot.  If possible, though, try to roll your ball off the top fairway down onto the lower section so you’re level with the green for your approach shot.  It’s much easier from here.  Here’s a long, hanging hole-out from up top!

If you’re on the left fairway and the pin is at the top right, there’s a tiny hill in the back of the green that’s a nice backstop.  Here’s a hole-out coming in from the left.

Either way, be careful with your approach shot. The green is way downhill so the wind will certainly grab it more.

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