Misty Springs — Hole #4: Par 5

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A few different tee boxes here, but the same layup spot every time. Hit to the right side of the fairway and leave yourself a nice 5-wood or 3-wood into the green, which will usually require some kind of B3 shot to curve around the trees. Here’s a nice hole-out to a back pin.  And check out the incredible breaks this shot gets!

If you’re hitting the 5-wood and the pin is on the left, watch out for the branch sticking out without any leaves visible, because there are invisileaves there! Here’s a great hole-out cutting around the trees. Even if you end up in one of the bunkers on the right off your drive, you can still get there in 2, and you have a better angle. Be wary of hitting a low-lofted iron, especially if you’re curving it, because you still need to clear the water in front of the green!  This was NOT a good shot, but it ended up in the hole!

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