Summit Lakes — Hole #14: Par 4

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This hole is always drivable over the rock. If you’re close enough to be able to use a 3-wood, it will clear the rock.  A driver will usually hit the top of the rock, but it will bounce over. If you have to hit driver, use backspin and aim for the right side of the green. The rock will kill the backspin, but the ball should bounce over the rock and trickle down onto the green — this is how you draw it up! Sometimes you will plop into the snow, but you’re still in good shape there.

If you do end up on the hill looking down at the green, remember that you can putt off the hill!  Here’s an amazing deflection that found the cup!

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  1. Nate “Phuqenay!” Knuth left this comment:

    actually club down to the 3 wood, in almost all wind conditions, you will get over the hill and get more grip on the green.

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