Summit Lakes — Hole #15: Par 4

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If this hole is icy, you can get close to the green, even maybe making it with a couple lucky bounces (be careful for some of the ice holes, because there’s water still in a couple).

This hole usually plays tough because of the wind and a downhill shot into the green. Try to leave your approach shot straight with the wind.  Here’s a great hole-out from the fairway.  Sometimes, it’s best to place your drive straight ahead onto the rock, depending on wind and pin placement.  Don’t be scared to do this if it gives you a better approach shot!

A good rule of “thumb” here: When hitting from the rough with a wind in the teens blowing from behind, you will want to hit a club whose normal distance (ex: 9-iron = 100yds) will land the green, and hit a full thumb shot (no pullback). If you’re into the wind, you will need to club up 1 or even 2.

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