Summit Lakes — Hole #17: Par 3

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A very tough par 3 with thousands of looks. A big wind is absolutely brutal here, as it will blow a shot from your high-lofted club all over. Pray for ice here in case you don’t make it on. And even if you do make it, watch out for a down 10 putt because it will still roll over if you’re not careful! You normally won’t want backspin here because of the up 10 slope. Sometimes you can use the hill to stop your ball instead, but don’t hit the hill too hard or you’ll ricochet back into the water! You may also consider just landing in the snow if there’s a back pin.  Par is a good score here.  Good luck!

Check out this dunk to a right pin!  Here’s a perfect cut shot into the slope.  This one flew high to the right side, playing the wind perfectly with the 9-wood.

This one used the rock perfectly to roll down and in!

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