Summit Lakes — Hole #4: Par 5

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On this par 5, you should always be able to reach the bottom fairway off the tee. Don’t worry about clearing the mountain either – even a low-loft driver with roll will go straight over the edge of the mountain. Simply turn left until you are lined up to land in the rough between the snow and water down below. Crank a hard, straight B2 drive with roll, and your ball will roll out of the rough and into the fairway.  If you’re comfortable with your C3, that gets down there easily too.  From there, you should have a nice approach shot into the green for an eagle putt!  Here’s a hole-out with a 5-wood.

Even if you get into the far snow mound, you’ll still have enough to get there — here’s another hole-out.

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  1. Nate “Phuqenay!” Knuth left this comment:

    Click left only once, hit a spinny C-3 with forward roll and expect yet another 400+ yard drive

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