Summit Lakes — Hole #8: Par 5

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To reach this par 5 in two, you’ll have to get on or past the little bottleneck between the fairways. Of course, there’s trouble on either side, with water on the left and nasty rough on the right. Normally, you can aim at the right small path along the lake and hit a big C3. Assuming you clear trouble to the fairway, you’ll have an iron to driver shot into the green.  Here’s an example hole-out.

The shot here, though, is most often turning left and hitting a big A1 with roll.  This is a classic example of where the ball will skip across the water even if you come up short of land when it hits.

If you don’t think you can clear the first fairway, laying up is much better than being in the water or the nasty rough.
Or, from the front of the box, you can aim at the flag and blast the ball straight ahead into the snow (a low-risk option). The elevation will be low, and you need as much distance as you can safely get, so pound it out there! Even when the ball plugs, you can still get to the green on your second shot. This is a good option if you’re a beginner and don’t trust your accuracy over the bottleneck.

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  1. If the water is frozen, you can bounce off the ice and straight onto the fairway. Just pound it hard!

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