Summit Lakes — Hole #9: Par 4

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This par 4 is drivable a lot of the time. If there’s ice, it’s that much easier. Just go for it and don’t worry about getting wet.

Or, if you can’t get there, line up with the wind for a straight-wind approach shot from just about anywhere.

Without ice, you may have anywhere from a straight shot to a big A1 or C3.  Here’s a nice driver hole-out.  And one more perfect shot with a slight tailwind.  With a tougher setup, here’s a great A1 drive that finds the hole!

Sometimes you could be into a huge wind from the very back of the box. You can’t get there with this setup. Lay up in the snow below you, but make sure you hit the flyby button a few times to check out the terrain. The snow has mounds and you won’t be able to get there in two if you get stuck behind one.

Remember that this green is WAY downhill, and the wind will REALLY blow it again. Your ball will be coming straight down from the tee even with a driver. A strong face-wind makes it really hard to hold the green, so definitely don’t use backspin with this setup (try to land long).

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