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Golden Tee tips tricks hints shortcuts golf game 2007 2008 2009 live arcade courses holes misty springs 18Borrowing from a blog on underdogsports, I’ve compiled votes for the toughest holes on 2008 Golden Tee Live. In most cases, votes went to holes where it’s toughest to make GT Par. There weren’t an overwhelming number of votes in that blog, but enough to be able to point out several of the potential stumbling points during your round. Here are the results!

#1 Toughest Hole — #18 at Misty Springs. This hole got votes from 6 different people, twice what any other hole got.

Next 2 Toughest Holes — #17 at Summit Lakes and #16 at Misty Springs. These holes got votes from 3 different people.

Other holes receiving votes from multiple people — #14 at Bayou Bay, #17 at Eagle Crest, #3 at Cypress Cove, and #11 at Misty Springs.

The following holes also received votes as being among the toughest in the game — #s 9, 11, and 17 at Bayou Bay, #s 10 and 13 at Summit Lakes, and #9 at Cypress Cove.

Feel free to add comments below to vote for any of these or any other holes on Golden Tee 2008 that you consistently struggle with!

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  1. I agree that all of the above holes can be roundbreakers, but my vote has to go to Summit 17. I have stuck on the green maybe five times in over 75 rounds and have lost a bucketful of sub-20 rounds because of it. Perhaps a sports psychologist can prevent the excessive sweat build- up that begins around Hole 15 when I just think about #17.

  2. Cypress #3? Bayou #11? Summit #13? Whoever voted for those walk in the park holes are either mindless fools or the worst golden tee players in history! Probably the toughest hole in 2008 would be misty 18. One time my buddy stroke limited that hole and ended up in 21st place. Had he just done better than stroke limit he would have gotten money. Laurel #17 and alpine #15 are probably the 2 toughest holes in 11.

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