Black Hills — Hole #5: Par 4

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Here is a really, really tough par 4, and it’s only the 5th hole!  Sometimes, this can set up where you can line up towards the pin and carry a wood over the trees to the green.  But, you have to be dead on if you attempt this, because everywhere off the green is trouble.  I’d warn against trying to cut the corner on this hole too, because the fairway slopes off on both sides, and the risk is much greater than the reward.  Risk aside, here’s an amazing high-teed driver from the back-right box that hops up into the cup!

More often, you should just be laying up, straight ahead, to the flat, fat part of the fairway.  From here, you’ll most often have a 3-wood into the green, which gives you enough loft but not too much for the wind to affect it a great deal.  The green is elevated on all sides, and thus is slopes off deeply everywhere too.  You may have to play a small cut shot against the wind/slope, with backspin, in order to hold the middle of the green.  Birdie is a great score here!


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