Black Hills — Hole #6: Par 4

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Ready for more?  Here’s another par 4 that offers a challenging chance at eagle.  You’ll always be playing some form of A1, down the hill and curving around into the green.  The issue here, again, is the elevation change — you’ll notice the wind affect the ball a LOT on its way down.

Most missed shots here end up long, and that’s bad because it’s water. And if you’re too short, you could actually end up behind the stones that guard the front of the green!  So, distance is crucial here.  If the wind is in your face, you may not want backspin, since the wind will be pushing the ball backwards anyway.  If you have a tailwind, you must use backspin to help pull the ball back away from the water once it lands.

There’s one more option if you have a left tee box and a left pin — you can actually line up with the pin and hit a straight shot between a gap in the tops of two trees!

Do you best to gauge the amount of hook and the distance you need, but above all else, practice will earn you your eagles here!


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