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So what’s the best set of clubs to use when playing Golden Tee 2009’s Black Hills?  Well, I got feedback from 25 pros on their choices, and here’s what I found!

On this course, it was near unanimous — you’ve got to play the Big Berthas.  It seems as if this course was designed specifically for this club set, and you’ll find yourself using the 7-wood (and probably the 9-wood) several times to your benefit!  If you’re still learning the ropes and feel more comfortable playing a different set, then that’s more important — but you’ll only be able to maximize the shortcuts and scoring opportunities on this difficult course with the Big Bertha set.

Oh, and the D2 balls are the most popular choice, followed closely by the Gamers, and then the Freaks!

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  1. I agree completely on this one the Big Bertha clubs are the only way to go for this course. With the tall rocks and long uphill green the Big Bertha clubs make short work of this course. Personally I use the old orange balls, but the D2’s are good. Although I personall belive that the Games are the way to go.

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