Bonnie Moor — Hole #12: Par 5

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This hole has a big-time shortcut you should be using every time.  Rotate left of the green and aim directly at the big hill on the left — you’re going to want to put your drive at the top of this hill either with a 3-wood or driver with roll.  Approaching the green from here gives you a couple big advantages; first, you’ll be shooting downhill, which makes it easier to fly over sand and tall grass, and secondly, you won’t have to shoot directly over a pot bunker.  Here’s a hole-out from there.

If you take the fairway out to the right, it’s almost impossible to hit the green in two, because you have to both shoot uphill and carry a pot bunker while holding the green.  You have to use a driver to get the distance, but it doesn’t have the loft you need.  If you approach from the top of the hill to the left, you can often float a 5-wood nicely onto the green for an eagle putt!

Rumor has it that a couple pros have even driven this hole with the front-right tee box, a great wind, and a huge C3 shot!

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