Bonnie Moor — Hole #13: Par 3

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The green on this par 3 has the most severe slope ever seen in Golden Tee — usually 12 degrees and sometimes even 13!  Tee boxes are spread all around this green, so you’ll see lots of looks into this crazy hard green.  My advice is to let the slope do the work for you and don’t worry about putting roll on the ball.  For example, if you’re on the tee box that shows the green sloping to the right 12 degrees, just land the ball on the left of the green and let the slope carry it towards the pin!  It’s hard to successfully play enough slope, so exaggerate it a bit, as if playing more wind on a downhill shot.

Getting close to the pin is crucial here.  Longer putts are devastating and sometimes impossible.  Remember to play more break on uphill putts and less on downhill putts, and be gentle with downhill putts so they don’t roll over!


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