Bonnie Moor — Hole #8: Par 5

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Here’s another hole where the tee shot is crucial, and it can be really easy to really tough depending on your tee box placement.  You have to get the ball at least to the middle of the neck of the fairway to have a shot at the green in two, and being in the fairway is the most important thing.  Sometimes you can just carry down past the neck and be fine, but other times you’ll be on the back left of the box where you have to shape a C3 right through the neck — this shot is tough because there’s no room for error.  If you catch the tall grass, you’ll have to lay up and hope for birdie.

The approach shot is downhill but not too scary — just make sure you give yourself a putt to work with.  It’s guarded on 4 corners by pot bunkers, so stay away from those!


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