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So what’s the best set of clubs to use when playing Golden Tee 2009’s Grand Savannah?  Well, I got feedback from 25 pros on their choices, and here’s what I found!

The most votes went to the new Big Bertha set available in 2009.  Players like the combination of the 310-yard driver and the loft that the woods offer, since this course is a lot about carry!  Players also like the Attack Wedge in this set for hole #17, which is already being deemed one of the most difficult holes ever created (and I concur).

Coming in second is the old hybrids, still a favorite among amateurs and pros on any course.

There were also votes for four other sets of clubs, but these 2 seem like the best bet for scoring well on Grand Savannah!  Oh, and the D2 balls are the most popular choice, followed closely by the Gamers, and then the Freaks!

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  1. Big Bretha, Old 05 Hybrids, and the Low Lofts are all great for this course. It all depends on you style of game play. Big Bertha if you like going high on most shots and playing with the wind alot. Old 05 Hybrids if you are like me and like to play the shot with finess and try to be right on point every time. Or the LL clubs and just go for it. All of these clubs selections have their ups and downs, it’s all in the way that you play and what you are comfortable with. As for balls,……..the old orange are my first pick on all the courses, then the D2’s. As for the Gamer and the Freak. it’s up to you on that one, although I do not perfer either on this course.

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