Grand Savannah — Hole #14: Par 5

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This par 5 has a couple shortcuts — one is fairly easy, and one is very tough.  If you’re on one of the left tee boxes, look across the river and you’ll see a circular landing area to the back and left of a tree there.  If it’s reachable, this is your best option.  The approach is tough, but hey, it’s a par 5 and you’re shooting into it in 2!

If you can’t reach that spot, there’s a strip of land separating the pond in the middle from the big river dividing the hole.  If you’re feeling daring, you can try to stick this spot, where you will also be rewarded a shot into the green in 2.  Don’t miss left, because that’s wet!  If you miss right, it’s mud and that’s okay — you can just lay up out to the right and bring your approach in for 3, as you’d be doing anyway if you didn’t try the shortcut!

This is a great risk/reward hole that can really impact your score!


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