Grand Savannah — Hole #6: Par 5

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First, take a look at the pin placement. If it’s on the left, especially far left, the ideal placement of your tee shot is as far left as you can get it — the small peninsula of fairway stretching out left.  This will leave you with anywhere from a straight B2 to a small A1 into the green.  Try to picture the path of this shot in your head, though — if it looks like you might have to try to skip through dirt to get to the green, consider using roll to help out.  If you can stay above this area, or if you have a fairly straight shot, it’s ideal — then use backspin to hold the green, or else just bounce it up to the pin.

Depending on the wind and pin placement, you might be better off driving down the right side of the fairway.  You can also hit a C3 around the trees into the green this way.  So, again, before you tee off, size up your best option!


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