Sunny Wood — Hole #11: Par 4

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Here’s another creative par 4 that’s tougher than it seems!  There are lots of tee boxes to keep you just unfamiliar enough that you’re guessing what to do your next time out.

The ideal shot carries the lip of sand and lands right on the green, holding with backspin.  This isn’t always so easy though, because that lip can block a low-lofted driver.  If you can carry it with a 3-wood, you’re in good shape, but if not, you’ll have to decide if you want to try to carry it with a driver OR if you want to try to one-hop over the sand lip and hold the green!  Obviously, the second option is hard to pull off, but sometimes it’s your only option.  Of course, be very careful not to go long, as that’s wet!  You’ll need practice getting the feel for when a driver can carry over and when it might not.

This green is also tough to putt on, and be very careful if you have to putt downhill towards the water!


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