Sunny Wood — Hole #15: Par 4

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If you’re too far back on the tee box, you can pretty much forget about hitting the green in one.  Depending on the wind, you can either hit it long and straight, or cut the corner to the right of the trees on the other side of the lake, leaving you a shorter shot into the green in two.  The approach shot from here is still really tough, because the wind is going to blow a wedge a LOT, and there’s no room for error with water surrounding this green.  Pin placement can be awful too.

If you’re in the middle or front of the box, you can test your bravery by playing an A2 or A1-type shot around the trees into the green!  The type of shot depends on the loft of your club and the wind.  If you’re finessing a 5-wood, you’re probably planning to carry the green and use backspin, but you still need to hug the trees close without nipping a leaf.  If you’re playing a low-lofted club, you have the option of landing short in the rough and letting the ball roll up onto the green.  Finally, sometimes there’s a tee box with a bit of an opening in the trees that allows you to pound a driver straight at the green.  All of these shots are really difficult and require a lot of practice to pull off, but give it a try if it’s not going to kill a great round for you!


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