Sunny Wood — Hole #4: Par 5

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I always play my drive to the middle-left side of the fairway, about even with the middle of the pond on the left.  Even if you’re in the middle of the fairway, you’ll be fine, so just don’t get too aggressive with that water off the tee!  From this area, you’ll have anything from a 2-iron to a driver, hitting an A1 or B1 into this green.  The approach shot is always difficult — you need to be right on with the amount of cut you put on it.  I often end up in the rough to the right of the green because I’m scared of not hooking it enough, which would leave it in the water!  You don’t necessary want backspin on this shot, especially if the pin is on the right, or else you can leave too long a putt.  This hole is great to practice your distance and accuracy.  If you’re planning a B1 type shot, remember that you might need to pull back a bit towards A if you’re going out towards 1 on the follow-through so that it cuts back enough.

It also appears as if you might be able to play the right side of the fairway, hitting a C3 through the amusement park into the green!  However, that looks too risky, and you can always get to the green going around the left side of the tree anyway!


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